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How to Obtain Pharmacy License in Dubai?

January 22, 2020by admin

Business setup in Dubai has become the sole step in the spotlight for business information. Whether new entrepreneurs with radical ideas, ready to take over the markets, aspiring small and medium businesses, or even market tycoons who are pursuing presence in the region. The healthcare sector in Dubai falls under the regulations of the Ministry of Health. The ministry takes the responsibility of issuing the licenses, all the registration books, and controlled medication prescription pads for pharmacists.

What is the Procedure for a pharmaceutical company set up in Dubai?

In order to obtain a pharmacist license in Dubai, UAE, one needs to complete two imperative steps: Those looking forward to a pharmaceutical company set up in Dubai must follow the comprehensive regulatory system that sat in place by the Dubai Health Authority.

First: Pharmacy License Registration in Dubai
1. Completing the application form and submitting it to the Health Regulation Department (HRD). It includes submission of the new health facility licensure application form through the HRD e-licensing service, the proposed general location with land plot number, Schematic Design (SD) showing the proposed floor layouts with each room numbered and labeled, and a general cross-section of the structure.

2. After that, the HRD conducts a detailed review of the submitted documents in order to decide on the suitability for further processing.

3. Upon determination, an initial approval is granted from HRD.

4. In order to complete the pharmacy licensing procedures pertaining to issuing of the trade license by local authorities such as the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai or equivalent licensing bodies such as free zones authorities, initial approval is the main requirement.

5. A detailed list of deficiencies will be provided to perform corrective actions and re-submit the application with applicable fees.

Second: Issuance of Pharmacy License in Dubai
The issuance of the pharmacy license is after the registration procedure is completed:
1. The owner has to submit an online request for final inspection through the e-licensing system of HRD, upon which an onsite pre-optional assessment will take place.

2. The following requirement needs to be met in order to obtain the license approval:
 Appointing a Pharmacist in-charge to supervise the pharmacy.
 Pharmacists’ qualifications must meet the requirements provided by DHA.
 Employing a sufficient number of DHA licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.
 Providing suitable infrastructure fitting the DHA design requirements meeting the services planned to be catered by the pharmacy.

3. After the onsite assessment and meeting the DHA requirements, the HRD will issue the license.

The Dubai Health Authority issues a few requirements that must be adhered to:
1. The license shall state the name and address of the pharmacy, the DED license number, the period of licensure validity.
2. The DHA pharmacy license has to be clearly displayed in the facility.
3. The pharmacy shall clearly display the operation times.
4. If the place for the pharmacy business is rented, then the total area should not be less than 30 sq. meters
5. If the pharmacy is operating in the mainland, a local UAE sponsor is required to get a trade license for the business, apart from the DHA license.

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