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How To Renew Your Trade License In Dubai?

February 3, 2020by admin

The Trade License renewal in Dubai occurs annually and it shall not be taken lightly or delayed in order to avoid penalties. A license is a legal document that permits companies to practice their activities agreed upon within the business documentation and registration in the UAE and compliance with the governing requirements.The renewal process in itself is not an issue since most of the jurisdictions now avail online platforms for follow-ups and as a bustle avoidance solution. The license renewal date is to be marked for it should not be exceeded. Having the license renewed on time guarantees the continuity of the business practice without any complications or worries.Some documents might be generally required for the license renewal process: Tenancy Contract and Ejari
 Typed DED Renewal Form
 Passport Copies of all Partners in the Business

What does the process of Dubai License renewal include?

 The items of the renewal process begin with the Tenancy contract. Companies must make sure that the tenancy contracts they hold are not going to be void soon meaning that they should be valid for a while that is not less than one complete calendar month from the renewal application date. Keeping in mind that Companies have to process the renewal of the tenancy contract before submitting their Commercial License renewal application at the DED.

 The following part is submitting the renewal application in addition to all the required documents. One can choose to have someone handle all the submission of the documents at designated authorities, DED service centers. The person delegated for the submission must make sure that the submitted documents are correct. Instead of spending a long time in a queue or going back and forth due to missing a document. The renewal process can now occur through different channels. Furthermore, it could be completed through authorized service centers.

 After submitting the application, the DED will allocate a payment voucher. Subsequently, to receiving the voucher, submit the payment. Instantaneously, after making the payment and it gets confirmed the renewed license is issued.

Could trade license renewal in Dubai be online?

The DED has availed online portals on their platform for companies. The complete procedure can be done online meaning that they can renew trade licenses on that portal. However, this necessitates that the company’s owners set up accounts before the renewal date. The owners solely could create an account at DED and cannot delegate anybody to do it on their behalf, by submitting personal correct documentation.

The online portal also avails the means of online payment to the account owners to make online payments when needed. It is important to keep in consideration that the registered account for payment must be under the name of the owner of the online account who is the owner of the company and no other payment accounts could be used.

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