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To exercise any form of business in Dubai or the U.A.E; regardless of the activity, a business entity has to be created requiring one or more licenses. There are more than 50 jurisdictions available in The U.A.E. It is critical to choose the right one.

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The complexity of the licensing process is variable, taking from one day to several months depending on jurisdictions and activities. It is important to consult an expert regarding company formation in Dubai to avoid costly mistakes.

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Depending on the needs of the business and the main activities, it is important to consider whether a significant infrastructure such as warehouses or a logistic park is necessary or if an office with two chairs is appropriate.



If you are a startup company or a multinational corporation, It is always recommended to have a clear financial plan at the incorporation phase. You should consult an expert to adapt your company to the local market reality.


Visa Allocation

Visa allocation in The UAE especially Dubai depends on many factors such as office space or jurisdiction. You have to consider how many employees your business will have from the startup phase to any future expansion before starting a business in Dubai.

Discover the best UAE business structure for your needs

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Strategic Area

World-Class Infrastructure

Diversified Economy

Open and Free Framework

Multi-National Ability Pool

Political and economic stability

Knowledge hub

Extensive business support

Streamlined business foundation process

Established foreign trade system

Offshore Company

A company which is incorporated outside the jurisdiction of its primary operations and can offshore Companies are sometimes known as non-resident companies. Read more

Freezone Company

Freezones in UAE extend endless investment opportunities and lucrative financial incentives to businesses. Currently there are over 20 free zones in the UAE which offer differing benefits throughout the region allowing investors to chose the favorable option for their needs. Read more

LLC Mainland Company

Starting a company in Dubai mainland has its distinct benefits. You get to do your business in the heart of Dubai and has access to the entire UAE to advance its business operations and activities. Read more

Offshore Business Setup In UAE

The “offshore” structure allows the owner to conduct business in the Rest of GCC & Internationally from UAE.

Most cost effective solution to start an international business

UAE Offshore companies are internationally recognized

Have local and international banks accounts

Hold property through a safe offshore structure

100% foreign ownership

UAE International Business Companies are internationally recognized structures for safety, reliability and cost-effective premium solutions. Professional business consulting companies can successfully guide investors step by step on how to start a business in Dubai through an offshore structure, while they handle the legal paperwork and other complex tasks most first timers are reluctant to do.

Free Zone Business Setup In UAE

Free Zones are an exclusive economic zone allowing companies to sell goods and services internationally.

100% foreign ownership

No corporation tax

No restrictions on repatriation of capital

Communities anchored by leading industry names

Business-friendly legal framework

The introduction of Free Zones has transformed the economic market of the UAE within the last 20 years, bringing about immense changes in the industrial scene of this dynamic nation. The spearhead in the enormous free zone realm in UAE is Jebel Ali Free Zone, which was started in Dubai in 1985. It has created the benchmark for regulations and incentives and its success has led to more than 30 free zones being setup in UAE.

MainLand LLC Business Setup In UAE

This type of company is registered with the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), and its primary purpose is to reach the local market.

100% Foreign Ownership

100% Tax-Free Status

Business Friendly Environment

World Class Infrastructure

International Banking

Get access to the UAE and GCC markets

To open a Mainland company, you should have either a local sponsor (GCC citizen) who will own at least 51% shares in your license and be a partner, or a local agent, who will not own shares but will be your “gateway” to the local market.

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