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Digital Marketing Solutions for your UAE Business Setup

May 20, 2018by admin

Before the dawn of the internet, traditional marketing channels such as TV, radio and print media were a common condiment used in every business marketing recipe. With the passage of time and significant improvements in the internet speed, digital marketing came along revolutionizing the conventional marketing practices and beginning a new era of corporate brand marketing.

As an international trade destination, UAE makes a profitable domain for businesses to harness its vast digital audience and generate e-sales. UAE’s robust internet and increasing mobile penetration has played an active role in enabling the growth of e-commerce in the UAE. UAE’s Latest internet usage statistics show that 91.9%of the population has access to internet

According to the Global Connectivity Index (GCI) 2018, UAE moved up to the 23rd place worldwide, owning one of the most advanced broadband markets regionally and globally, with mobile data speeds crossing over 50 Mbps.

How a Brand Can Use Digital Marketing in UAE?

Any business setup in Dubai and UAE that plans to build an impactful presence and relay exposure to its products and services must integrate potent Digital Marketing strategy into their business plan. The first step is building a website.

By creating a website, you make your digital footprint visible into the online market and establish a foundation for all subsequent marketing practices by working as a pivotal point, connecting the consumer with the merchant. UAE currently owns world’s most advanced infrastructure and cellular technology, complementing its large percentage of desktop and mobile internet users.

Of the 246 million people living in the Middle East, 60% (147 million) are active internet users while 93 million regularly use social media. The survey also revealed that UAE has the highest social media penetration of any country in the world at 99%

An online marketing strategy works by channeling the customers towards the website while the website features work as counterparts for its digital campaigns. For instance, social media buttons/widgets help the business send its customers towards their Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram account or LinkedIn profile to learn more about their products, interact with other customers and post valuable feedback. Hence, establishing a website and optimizing it is the most important part of any company formation in Dubai which needs to reach the next level of business performance with
year-on-year growth.

What are the Different Digital Marketing Services?

A well-defined and professional online setup utilizes every marketing practice to its advantage. These practices include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Email Marketing and SMS Marketing etc. and are majorly divided into two segments, the Paid and Organic.

Paid Marketing

Paid Marketing entails activities that involve fees charged against the quality, quantity or popularity of the content or its designated platform. Pay per click or PPC is the most commonly used SEM technique where the advertiser pays a fee each on the principle of each click made on the targeted keyword in Google AdWords. Other paid techniques include social media ads, and sub-techniques of email marketing and content outreach.

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing does not involve any fees to propagate content. The catch is it requires a considerable time before the advertiser can cultivate any results. However, the consistent brand reach and cost advantage trumps the time span in the long haul. Organic marketing is usually based two main practices SEO and SMO. SEO is further divided into back-linking, bookmarking, social-bookmarking, cross-bookmarking, blogging, guest-posting, press release, infographics, FAQs, Image-sharing and video marketing etc. Social media optimization helps the brand remain engaged with its customer bank and connect with interactive communities to enhance the company’s reputation and boost visibility.

How Can IBG Help?

Digital marketing services in UAE will not only help your brand fetch new customers, but also facilitate retaining old ones to generate repeat sales. After building digital presence in UAE, your brand equity will stimulate word of mouth sales while encouraging other prospects to engage with your brand.

However, erecting a website and nurturing an online audience is daunting task for brands that lack practical experience or training. As UAE’s 360-degree business solution providers, IBG Consulting has launched its Digital Marketing arm – AlphaCandy to help entrepreneurs, SMEs and Large Enterprises avail the best digital consultancy and marketing services for their brand in fully customizable packages for every company’s individual needs. AlphaCandy offers specialized services for your brand strategy, organic marketing, paid advertising and social media optimization in competitive pricing and exclusive benefits. Contact our representatives now for free audit or visit our website for query.

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