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2018’s Marketing Trends in Ramadan Workshop Hosted by Shams

May 14, 2018by admin

Designed as a global catalyst for Creative and Media businesses, Sharjah Media City (Shams) is UAE’s finest edition to the free zone roster, offering an innovative platform for start-ups and SMEs to grow and thrive in world-class media hub and avail innovative facilities and business setup advantages.

To accentuate on its vision of technological advancement and assist businesses with technology’s latest offerings, a Workshop was held on April 22nd, 2018.

Conducted by Google’s Official Representative, the workshop on “Marketing Trends in Ramadan” was hosted by Sharjah Media City in its recent efforts to introduce businesses already prospering in the UAE innovation hub with updates and latest marketing strategies during the month of Ramadan.

The event attracted a large number of business owners interested in establishing a greater business presence during the month of Ramadan. The workshop was conducted by Andrea Silva who is head of Channel sales at Google and Mukesh Pandey, a popular Digital Marketer and trainer at Sharjah Gold and Shooting Club.

The sessions were conducted on a periodic basis and covered several agendas including topics on digital marketing, consumer habits in Ramadan, tips on developing engaging content, designing and delivering mobile-first marketing campaigns to different sections of UAE customers.

During one of the session’s, the Google Representative Adrea Silva remarked, “The holy month sees a shift in online consumer behavior within the region. Businesses will have a significant opportunity to engage with potential new customers. Web searches using the keywords ‘promotions’, ‘offers’ and ‘discounts’ double in volume during Ramadan,”

With UAE diverse business sectors and facilitated company setup industry, the workshop will educate many entrepreneurs and SMEs in learning about Ramadan’s socioeconomic importance, helping them expand their marketing operations and ultimately generating higher ROI.

Sharjah Media City (Shams) is proud to collaborate with industry leaders like Google who are at the forefront of digital excellence. We are committed to helping Shams-registered companies develop the essential digital skills required to support innovation and business growth.”, said the chairman of Shams Dr. Khalid Al Midfaa.

The workshop is a series of planned programs initiated by Shams to bring different businesses working under its umbrella in embracing digital marketing practices for greater exposure.

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