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All you Need to Know to Become a Freelancer in Dubai

April 13, 2020by admin


To become a freelancer in Dubai, you must obtain a freelance permit in UAE. Here is everything you need to know to become a freelancer in UAE.

Advancements in technology have paved the way for the popularization of freelancing. With freelance, individuals can earn money while enjoying flexible job hours, work from home, and self-employment.

Freelancing is also becoming increasingly popular in Dubai, and there are plenty of opportunities available in free zones, thanks to the regulation of the industry via freelance permits.

So, if you are interested in becoming a freelancer in Dubai• , it is now easier than ever. There are some certain steps that you must follow in order to obtain your freelance permit in the UAE and start earning legally.


Here is everything you need to know to become a freelancer in Dubai:

UAE Freelance Permits

Before you can start freelancing in the UAE, you must obtain a freelancer license. This is a relatively simple procedure, and you should be able to receive the license within 7-14 working days upon submitting the completed application.

Before you apply for a freelancer license in Dubai, you must register your business. Then you will be eligible to apply for the permit. Here is a list of the documents you will require in order to apply for a freelance permit in UAE:

  1. Resume
  2. Passport Copy
  3. Visa Copy (only if applicable)
  4. Reference Letter from your Bank (local or international)
  5. Sponsor NOC (in case you have a work permit)
  6. Portfolio of your work in PDF form or via online links
  7. Educational qualifications and certificates

You may be required to also submit additional documentations, according to the specific requirements of each free zone. Your best bet is to seek consultancy from an expert business set-up company in Dubai, as it will walk you through the entire processes of submitting your application for a freelance license in Dubai. Moreover, a business set-up company will ensure that you have all the correct documentation needed for each free zone.


UAE Freelance Visa

In general, you must be employed at a registered UAE company in order to work in Dubai. However, in certain free zone industries the UAE government grants temporary work visas. Here are some free zones that allow freelancer visas in Dubai:

• Dubai Media City

• Dubai Studio City

• Dubai Production City

• Dubai Knowledge Park

• Dubai Design District

• Dubai International Academic City

Therefore, if you are interested in pursuing a freelance career in Dubai in media, design, or a related industry, then you can apply for a freelancer visa. In order to make the visa application process as smooth as possible, it is better to consult a specialist business set-up consultancy business in Dubai. This will make the process smooth and hassle-free.


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