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Starting An Events Management Company In Dubai

February 8, 2021by admin

As a global frontrunner on tourism and recreation, many look at the UAE as a premier space in establishing and popularizing events. Through the help of social media, many record breaking activities have been conducted in Dubai, which gained improvements on the events management industry within the country. If you are a planner and a premium organizer, Dubai is the best place for you to invest and achieve your goals in the industry.


What Is An Events Management Company?

An events management company offers events planning, development, and execution services to its clients, may it be a personal such as weddings and birthdays or corporate events such as brand activation, expos, product launch, etc. They assist clients from choosing the right venue, themes, or even guest coordination for a more smooth sailing and impressive occasion.


What Are The Advantages Of An Event Management Company Setup In Dubai?

Dubai is well known for being the top destination for massive events. Critically acclaimed for having lavish infrastructure and record breaking shows, the UAE events management industry has a global reputation for well-executed events planning and management practices at par with top players in North America and Europe. Since 2013, the sector has continuously experienced 25% growth per annum, fueling and encouraging more tourists and investors to visit and make the Emirate their top choice of destination.


What Are The Steps In Setting Up An Events Management Company?

To setup your events management business in Dubai, here are the basic steps:

  • Decide the type of events and activities you will venture in. There are many types of events management businesses available and amenable in Dubai. To know your business incorporation details, finalize your business model and plan.
  • Choose the applicable jurisdiction and authority for your events company. Mainland and free zone authorities have their own set of regulations and permissible activities. This process is crucial as this will decide your business setup in Dubai. In general, event business activities permitted in the free zones are the following:
    • Organize and manage events in Dubai
    • Conducting hotel reservations for event attendees
    • Ticket selling

Meanwhile, the following are restricted activities of an events management license holder in Dubai free zones:

    • Conducting construction activities for events
    • Trading activities
    • Training activities
    • Managing of talents
    • Venue management
    • Arranging events not approved by the respective authorities
  • Prepare the appropriate documents. Just like any business incorporation process, you will need to prepare the right documents in order to make your registration process efficient and fast. Normally, you would need to prepare the following:
    • ○ Accomplished application form
    • ○ Copy of passport, visa and Emirates ID (if resident)
    • ○ No Objection Certificate
    • ○ If corporate shareholder: Memorandum of Association, Trade License, Board Resolution, Certificate of Incumbency, among others
  • Submit your application and pay the appropriate fee. To legalize and finalize your business setup in Dubai, complete your application by submitting your papers to the appropriate authorities and pay your license fee. Make sure to confirm first the needed third party approvals before finalizing your application to avoid sanctions. For example, you must get the approval of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing should you wish to conduct an event anywhere in the UAE.
  • Apply for a corporate bank account. Manage your finances with the help of the established banks and financial services in the UAE. With the help of a corporate bank account, your company’s finances will be accessible to you and your local clients, and secured.
  • Create your online presence and branding. Almost all of your potential clients rely on the Internet in order to find the kind of service you are offering. With the help of an established online presence and captivating branding, you will gain access to a wide clientele, with each offering an opportunity that could greatly improve and develop your company’s performance in the market.
  • Build your network. A successful event is greatly influenced by collective work. Through synergy and cooperation with quality service providers, suppliers, and vibrant workforce, your events management will surely soar.


Setup your events management company in the UAE

The UAE may have one of the most straightforward company incorporation processes in the UAE, however, due to a number of possibilities, this may be overwhelming to some investors.

This is where, your local agent, steps in.

IBG Consulting, one of Dubai’s leading business consultancy companies, may be of help to you. Our team is made up of a diverse and well-equipped professionals who can assist you in setting up your company in the UAE. We offer a holistic approach to business setup and management to ensure the success and growth of your business.

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