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Duties and Responsibilities of a PRO in UAE?

March 1, 2018by admin

UAE’s growing economic prosperity and accelerated infrastructure development push continuously attract investors and SMEs to its shores. With UAE’s GDP turning a new leaf and inflation rate stabilizing, 2018 is expected to bring a record high investment to UAE’s company setup industry. As the number of corporates in UAE increase and new ventures unfold, PROs emerge to offer legal solutions in diverse government matters, assisting companies through cycles of procedural hassles in various sectors.

What are PROs

PROs or Public Relation Officers are government certified professionals responsible for establishing a channel of communication between businesses and the government.

PROs specialize in keeping a firm grip on a company’s legal, administrative, human resource and financial aspects. Mostly, these aspects are distributed into different tasks such as legal documentation, business approvals, license renewal, implementation of government reforms and visa services for employees, dependents and domestic workers.

Scope of PRO Services in UAE

Public Relations Officers are highly sought after in UAE due to their connect across various government departments and on the field knowledge of documentation and clerical processes in the country. As UAE’s economy further enhances and company incorporation avenues proportionally expand, making the role of PROs indispensable.

To prevent penalties, PROs make sure these legalities are met with timely executed procedures and duly maintained records. A delay in such matters can spell great disaster for the employee or the investor, deporting the employee or permanently disqualifying a company’s trade license.

Trade License Renewal

Each time a business completes a term, the business license must be renewed for it to continue trade in the UAE. PROs are in liaisons with the UAE government to help companies with trade license renewal in UAE through submission of legal documents, securing approvals to various state / local agencies and judicial department in minimum time frames. This allows the company to remain focused with its business operations and prevent fines or penalties levied to defaulters and non-compliant entities.

Visa Solutions

PRO serves as a front line in securing visas for businesses, employees, dependents, domestic workers. PROs contact the immigration department to obtain employee visas and labor cards for the client’s workers. This may also include other responsibilities associated with the safety of the employee such as medical check-ups and health insurance.

Family visa (Spouse / Children)

To help family members of the sponsor enter UAE as dependents and get residence visa, PROs process their documents according to age and gender, acquire approvals from various departments, get attestations from embassies, secure visa clearance, file accommodation and supply other legal rights to live as residents of the UAE through either employee or employer sponsored visa.

Maid visa

PROs also deal with domestic worker visa, handling Dubai visa fee, paperwork and securing their work permits for households.

Document Clearing Services

Most importantly, any document clearance from Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Government Departments and Chamber of Commerce is done by PROs.

How can IBG help?

IBG Middle East Consulting offers the top tier PRO services in UAE with fully equipped packages for processing labor documents, immigration cards, ministry approvals, medical fitness tests, family residence visas, business license renewal and other forms of government attestation processes. Our PROs have over 10 years of field experience in diverse sectors, helping build over 300 companies across UAE. Additionally, our PRO services benefit you with full privacy and an optimum level of confidentiality when dealing with legal documents. Contact us to or visit our website ibgme.ae to learn more about our PRO services.

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