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Advantages of Starting a Business in RAK Economic Zone (RAKEZ)

February 25, 2018by admin

What is RAKEZ

Based in the heart of Ras Al Khaimah and spread over 33 million m2 of rich, diverse economic landscape, RAKEZ is a full-fledged, customizable and pre-installed business environment for free zone company setup, non-free zone, and offshore businesses. Officially established in 2017, RAKEZ was established to oversee, consolidate and regulate all the responsibilities of RAKFTZ (RAK Free Trade Zone) and RAKIA (RAK Investment Authority) as one entity. RAKEZ has transformed the economic landscape of Ras Al Khaimah, merging the two entities that began two decades ago. As of today, it is home to over 13,000 multinational company setups from 100 countries covering about 50 independent industries. RAKEZ was also awarded the most cost effective economic zone by the fDi Global Free Zones of the year Awards in 2017.

RAK Free Zone Company Setup Advantages

As a growth enabler from small-time ventures to diversified and multi-sized businesses, RAKEZ has effectively nurtured and erected thousands of startups, SMEs and Large enterprises in its fold, helping build a prosperous presence for investment and international trading superiority. As a popular destination for global industrialist and manufacturing giants, Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone has imbued consistent value generation for factories, warehouses, assembly plants, and other specialized production units from all around the world. Through its thriving economy and self-sustaining business structures, RAKEZ has grown into the ideal destination for businesses to collaborate, flourish and profit. From its inception to today, the 18-year journey has transformed RAK into an emirate with a GDP of approximately $10 billion.

  • 0% personal and corporate tax with 100% ownership for businesses. Businesses can conduct business locally through LSA
  • Businesses get consistent access to local and international markets in North Africa, Europe, Central Asia and all of Middle East.
  • The authority offers Flexi-desk facilities, workspace provisions, storage and warehouse structures with easy payment plans for startups.
  • To further encourage foreign investors, RAKEZ authorities have expanded their service parameters by offering administrative support through local offices in RAK, Dubai, Abu Dhabi to international outposts established in India, Turkey, and Germany.

5 Specific Zones for Particular Activities

Moreover, RAKEZ has distributed its authority into high-quality zones for specific activities. These zones extend special privileges to businesses belonging to a particular sector or industry such as Manufacturing, Trading, Services, and Education, etc.

  1. Al Hulaila Industrial Zone

Al Hulaila industrial zone caters to industrial sectors offering modern and top-tech equipped warehouses, freedom for a customized facility and onsite labor and staff accommodations construction. Logistical advantage allows connectivity to multi-lane superhighways, proximity with Saqr Port and commercial districts.

  1. Rakez Business Zone

Rakez Business zone was created as a dedicated jurisdiction for startups and SMEs, ideal for commercial and services sector. To help low-budgeted ventures flourish, RAKEZ offers Flexi-desk options with serviced offices, pre-installed offices, tech support, security, internet access and meeting rooms.

  1. Rakez Academic Zone

To encourage businesses belonging to the education sector, RAKEZ has segregated Academic Zone for education providers. With professional assistance, specialized facilities, training institute structures and custom construction permits, Academic Zone offers 5 licenses for School/ ELC, Higher Education, Non-Academic Service Providers, Education/Support Consultancy, and Training.

  1. Al Hamra Industrial Zone

To allow flexible company formation in UAE, Al Hamra industrial zone is popular for free zone as well as non-free zone incorporation. Densely connected with multi-lane highways, logistical hubs, accessibility to Dubai and RAK airports with power, water and gas provisions, Al Hamra makes a valued proposition for international trading companies. Investors can easily purchase real estate and rent warehouses in any location.

  1. Al Ghail Industrial Zone

When it comes to manufacturing, assembling and specialized productions zones, AL Ghail is known as the industrial heartland of UAE. Al Ghail allows exclusive incentives to large-scale projects, affordable land space, 24/7 power, gas, and water facilities, accessibility to RAK, Dubai and Sharjah ports, fast-track visa services for labor and onsite accommodation construction permits.

Costing Advantage

RAKEZ Enjoys a unique and strategic cost advantage over many similar zones in middle east and across the world

Low-Cost Warehouses

  • Tailored solutions for warehouses provisions as preinstalled and customizable structures
  • Perfect for trading, manufacturing, storage, assembly, and transport
  • Insurance, security, peripheral and utility services included in tiered packages
  • Affordable manpower and onsite accommodation benefit for laborers

Location Advantage

  • A diversely connected network of multilane superhighways and logistical hubs
  • Fast access to local and international markets in the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and Asia
  • Multiple sea ports, airports and metro networks for all sorts of freight
  • Wide-ranging sizes for land in premier locations with top class amenities
  • Benefit to build or rent accommodation space on-site for laborers

Setup Timeline Advantages

  • Easy incorporation 3 step process for business license and office space setup
  • Abundance of verified and experienced business setup consultants company setup in RAK
  • Registration for all types of legal entities, RAK offshore company setup, RAK free zone business setup and non-free zone in specialized businesses
  • Flexible payment plans for leasing properties with step-in and pay options for office space

How Can IBG help?

IBG consulting is a one-stop shop for RAK business registration, fast-track visa processing, licensing, insurance, real estate approvals, office space, and immigration, so your business remains equipped every step of the way.

We will assist you with the company formation in Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone or any other zone in UAE. We provide consultation and support you need to successfully enter, register, approve and conduct business in the UAE with top facilities, exclusive privileges, and expert counsel to grow your business parameters globally

Our dedicated consultants will provide specialized support for opening personal, corporate bank accounts, securing residence visa, obtaining attestations of legal documents according to your specific requirements. Get in touch with us today or visit our website to find out more about Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone.

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