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Benefits of Outsourcing PRO Services in UAE

July 13, 2017by admin

Primary Role of a PRO

A PRO or Public Relations Officer specializes in establishing communication channels with the government on behalf of a business, thus ensuring a positive relationship which is beneficial for the firm. They focus on clearing legal documentation, keeping the organization informed with renewal terms and changes in government policies and completing administrative tasks with different government departments.

Why Choose PRO in UAE?

PROs are well versed in the government procedural structure and keep their clients up to date with ongoing and upcoming changes in UAE’s business policies, regulations and other initiatives. This benefits businesses as they acquire accurate information to act on time. This information is also incorporated in the company’s privacy policies and business strategies.
Corporations, firms and newly setup businesses in UAE require professional assistance before initiating their operations in the region. To keep their operational costs from spiraling out of control, these business entities hire PRO services. PROs act as government liaisons to help companies get through procedural hassles of different government departments by fast-tracking document clearance and keep the clients updated at every step.

Why Outsource PRO with Professional Agency?

Seal Financial Leakages
Professional PRO services are most effective in eliminating costs associated with hiring and retaining in-house or freelance PRO’s for a company. Outsourcing PRO services in UAE with a Professional Agency alleviates overburdening staff salaries, gratuities, leave expenses and other miscellaneous expenditures from the company’s finance sheet.
Save Time and Reduce hassles
Time can mean everything for a business. Hiring a good PRO agency gives the company timely reports and document clearing on targeted time frames which improves workflow within the organization.
Automated Services
Most Professional PRO services of today are operated through CRM systems. A CRM system guarantees the safety, transparency and track history of all documents and data while sending periodic updates of the company’s renewal terms.
Increases Efficiency and Growth
Business growth rate is enhanced through streamlined operations and real time support to the company from liaising with government departments of Immigration, labor, economic and municipalities.
Improves Company Image and Revenues
PROs act as company extensions in the Government, clearing documents and improving public relations to generate a positive and impacting image in the country. This allows the company to focus its efforts on core business activities to ensure better yield.
Remain Safe from Fines and Penalties
Most importantly, professional PRO services help companies remain updated with renewal terms regarding government licenses, visas and registration policies. Business can be subjected to heavy fines and penalties if they fail to operate according to UAEs rules and regulation.

How can IBG Consulting Help?

IBG Consulting is a professional business consulting company that offers corporate and administrative solutions to businesses all over the world. With a certified track record of top quality PRO services, we keep help our clients in the good graces of UAE’s government and the public through professional personnel trained through years of experience in the industry. Our impeccable history of satisfied clients, transparency in billings, optimum levels of confidentiality and tailored solutions is the benchmark of modern PRO services.

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