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Good Conduct & Behavior Certificate Now Compulsory for Expats in the UAE

March 25, 2018by admin

The UAE government has implemented a major reform in its immigration policies. The new “good conduct and behavior” certificate, effective since February 4 2018 is compulsory for every expat applying for UAE visa. Foreigners seeking jobs and investment opportunities in UAE are required to submit this as a background record guarantee along with their other legal document during the UAE visa process.

The reform will help immensely in improving the quality of recruitment procedures while promoting transparency when hiring resources, partnering with a business, or inviting expatriates into the Emirates.

The certificate will help improve the safety & security of residents and citizens in UAE, thus building a safer community for over 200 different nationalities that call UAE their home.

According to UAE’s state news agency WAM, the “Co-ordination Committee to execute Cabinet Resolution No (1/8#) for 2017” told that the certificate must be issued from the expat’s home country, or the country of last residence in the past 5 years.

The certificate must also be approved from UAE’s missions abroad and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation during the visa application process.

The committee explained that the new reform is only applicable to expats working or planning to work in the UAE and those applying for tourist or visit visas are exempt from this rule.

Since the rules will apply to every new visa holder, expats already residing in UAE who are long term residents can apply from the Dubai police department or Abu Dhabi police department to secure the certificate.

For example, a UK citizen will have to collect the certificate from his/her national police authority. More accurately, the certificate can be acquired from the ACRO Criminal Records Office through the National Police Chief Council’s office. Citizens can also apply online through UK police website and save a lot of time and hassle. Once the application has been submitted, the certificate will be readied in 10 business days. Other country citizens will have to follow the same procedure from their own respective national police departments.

The introduction of the good conduct and behavior certificate is expected to tie up many loose ends in the UAE immigration policies. While the document will serve as a legitimate authority of a future or current resident’s role as a positive member of the society, it will also prevent criminal elements from entering the country and disturbing its peace.


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