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Benefits of Investing In Dubai Free Zones

November 8, 2019by admin

Dubai has become the epicenter of world business. The city that has become synonymous with the word prosperity due to its free zones where companies can enjoy variety of benefits in free zone. The very first was the Jebel Ali Free Zone which is now considered as benchmark for regulations and incentives. The free zone that saw massive growth and has been able to inspire the establishment of other free zones which are now attracting investors.
So what really is about these free zones that make them so attractive? Here’s why:

Complete foreign ownership

If you are going to invest in Dubai, you would love it if you can have the full ownership of your investment. This is what is offered when you start your business in free zones in Dubai.

It’s tax free:

If you start operating in a free zone, you should know that there are no taxes on your business. That’s completely true even if you can’t believe it. Now imagine opening shop in one of the most lucrative cities of the world without worrying about taxes on your business!

Faster company incorporation:

Compared to the main city of Dubai, the free zones offer you the chance to get quick company incorporation.


Most of the free zones in Dubai are located quite near to major ports and airports. Some are in fact part of ports. This means that you can save a lot of costs in commute of goods and people. The UAE government and each of the regulatory bodies of the free zones are well aware that for any business to succeed it is imperative that they have efficient road network to all Main Emirates.

Hire more freely:

Did you know that for those operating in the free zones in Dubai, the rules for hiring staff are different from the mainland labor rules. In fact you can enjoy relaxed visa options as well since the free zones company setup get 3 years’ worth of visa.
Dubai was the first Emirate that start Free Zone Model that helped in attracted considerable foreign investment into the country. With the incentives and concessions given to those coming to the country it’s about time you should invest in it too. Get in touch with our experts today and let’s start your business!

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