Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai Industrial City

Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai Industrial City

September 30, 2019by admin

One of the leading manufacturing and logistics hubs around the world. It is the home now for hundreds companies, thousands of talented workforce, and so many factories. Dubai Industrial City is a strategically located industrial hub in Dubai. It is located nearby Maktoum Airport, Jebel Ali Port, the Expo 2020 Dubai site, and key highways including Emirates Road and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.

Dubai Industrial City’s main purpose is to expedite the growth and expansion of the industrial sector of the UAE and it provides a cost-efficient business atmosphere with industrial land, labor, and warehousing facilities. Other conveniences include logistic solution support, commercial office spaces, open storage yards and retail showrooms with storage. The food and beverage, base metals, machinery and mechanical equipment, workshops, logistics, and chemicals products are some of the industries served there.

Companies or entrepreneurs that pursue a trade license in Dubai Industrial City enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fast and Facilitated business setup procedure

The registration process is simple and straightforward registration process and requires a number of documents to process licenses and ensure proper compliance in accordance to the UAE laws. The process includes:

  1. Reserve Trade name
  2. Obtain office premises
  3. Set up a bank account
  4. Register for an appropriate license
  • Business facilities availability

Dubai industrial city caters completely developed business amenities and infrastructure with a competent communication system in addition to a constructive business platform for various business to grow. Moreover, Dubai industry city offers par-excellence IT infrastructure that allows an entity to deliver IT solutions and services to its employees or clients. Not to mention that Dubai Industrial City is known to have world’s largest IT telephonic network.

  • Foreign ownership possibility

This modern hub allows foreign investors to enjoy a set of laws facilitating the taxation process guaranteeing great profiting opportunities. It is necessary for having a local partner owning 51% of the business.

  • Business clusters variety

Dubai Industrial City caters different business licenses and trade licenses in Dubai through the Department of Economic Development. Businesses could obtain a service license, an industrial license or a trade license in Dubai. The availability of various business clusters, including some of the biggest companies, gives the advantage for different industries to have a presence in the region. Business clusters in Dubai industrial city is divided into different fields like

  1. Food and Beverages
  2. Transport Equipment and Parts
  3. Machinery and Equipment
  4. Mineral Products
  5. Healthcare
  6. Chemicals
  • Other benefits

Location, Dubai industrial city offers the benefit of have an incomparable proximity to different ports. It is located next to ports, airports with direct access to highways for efficient and timely transport.

Workforce, The requirements and labor laws are very much advantageous for both the recruiter and the workforce, which is available, talented and inexpensive.

Visa, Dubai Industrial city caters facilitated visa procedures for the investors, their families, their employees, and their sponsorships to help entrepreneurs and investors set up their businesses.

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