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8 Most Profitable Business Ideas in Dubai

October 29, 2018by admin

The main business hub amongst GCC countries and the commercial capital of the UAE, Dubai sustains one of the world’s soundest and most vibrant landscapes for start-up investments. In recent years Dubai has grown into a popular destination for company setup ventures, inviting waves of entrepreneurs each year to build a robust business footprint in the region. With its highly lucrative company formation laws and specialized incentives, investors have little or no struggle in quickly acquiring a trade license, registering the business, securing visas, and establishing an office space, all in the most minimum cost. This enables foreign business owners to swiftly legitimize their corporate presence and almost immediately kick-start their operations. In this blog, we will share an overview of 8 most profitable business ideas in Dubai that investors can take advantage of.

  1. Business Consultancy

Business consulting has deep roots in the UAE with Dubai as its main powerhouse. Any investor who seeks a good and glitch-free company formation solution must hire a consultancy agency to take on the incorporation process from stage to stage so the investor does not have to go through the procedural hassles. Companies such as IBG Consulting have been around the market for almost a decade and provide all types of corporate solutions in full-featured packages.

  1. Tutoring Institute

Tutoring business holds great reward in Dubai. This business not only involves low startup cost but is also incentivized by the UAE government as a merit good in specialized zones to help increase literacy rate and provide top standard education. With rising awareness of the online world, many entrepreneurs are taking their tutoring profession to e-commerce, thus further reducing the initial capital, infrastructure, and logistical costs.

  1. Real Estate

Real Estate is another promising sector in the UAE. Dubai’s freehold accounts for one of the most profitable property markets in the world and even allows 100% ownership to foreign nationals. Starting a real estate business can reap great success, especially since Dubai is hosting the World Expo 2020 which just around the corner. In last few years, the UAE has made significant efforts in transforming Dubai into an ecosystem where expats not just work or invest, but enjoy top standard living with world’s finest amenities.

  1. Recruitment Agency

Dubai houses the most diverse expat environments in the world. Known as the “Melting Pot of Cultures”, the metropolis of Dubai is currently home to over 200 different nationalities from across the world. This makes it a goldmine for Recruitment and Employment agencies that provide specific resources for companies to fill in their vacancies. A recruitment agency does not require large capital to install and can be remotely run from the investor’s country of origin.

  1. Travel and Tourism

Being a prime location to invest, Dubai also ranks among the list of world’s most desired destinations to travel. State of the art infrastructure, top-tier recreational facilities, world-class amenities and home to some of the tallest man-made structures of the world, Dubai is a great catch for holidayers and vacation enthusiasts. This is why travel and tourism business blooms faster than other ventures in Dubai and easily rakes a high profit in shorter timespans.

  1. Healthcare Clinic

A healthcare clinic is not an easy business to get around but bags a great fortune in an internarial hub such as Dubai. The initial startup cost is high and hiring qualified professionals to fill in the vacancies can be even higher. However, the ROI is high yielding and quickly boosts the business’s capacity to expand and grow its operations. The Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is a specialized jurisdiction for healthcare business activities and holds one of the world’s most leading healthcare centers such as German Heart Center Bremen.

  1. Gym, Spa, and Salon

Dubai easily tops the list of World’s most modern cities. As a defining feature of its modern lifestyle, Dubai fosters a craving demand for fitness and beauty care centers. The growing demand for Gyms, Spas, and Salons in Dubai has been met with great prospects from around the world, ranging from entrepreneurs and SMEs to Large Enterprises such as Toni&Guy. Either it’s the Department of Economic Development (DED) or any of the Free Zones in Dubai, starting a beauty and fitness center is fast, involves minimum cost, and stores a huge target market.

  1. Events Management Company

Dubai boasts an infinite appetite for events and festivities. Each year the city of Dubai accommodates thousands of exhibitions, seminars, festivals, workshops, conferences and social events such as concerts, fairs, carnivals, anniversaries and other commemorations. Moreover, private events such as weddings, birthday parties, and baby showers also trend as organized events in Dubai. Being around in such flowing business and social affairs, an Event Management Company can cultivate endless prospects by liaising with clients and offering predefined and customized event packages. The scope for such activities are quite fulfilling and involve minimum costs to organize and execute.

How IBG Can Help?

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