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All You Need to Know for a Startup in the UAE

June 15, 2020by admin

Setting up a business in the UAE is a dream of many. The robust, booming economy and growth prospects it provides makes it seem like an ideal location for a startup. Moreover, transparent business procedures, an abundance of resources, and low import duties seal the deal about the benefit of the company set up in UAE.
However, before you can dive right in and achieve your dream of business set up in Dubai, there are some things that must be considered. So, here is everything you need to know for a start-up in the UAE.

  1. Business Plan for company setup in the UAE
  2. Types of Jurisdiction in Dubai
  3. Process of forming a company in the UAE


YourBusiness Plan

Before you can startup a business anywhere in the world, you need a business plan. Company set up in Dubai is no different. So, take the time to establish your market offering and develop a plan.

You must ask yourself if there is a demand for the product or service you are offering, and whether you have all the knowledge and resources to operate the business successfully. Furthermore, creating a budget, making a tentative timeline, and allocating resources are another important aspect of creating the business plan.

Once you have developed a comprehensive business plan, company set up in Dubai will be a smoother process. This is because you will be aware of your needs, requirements, and expectations for your company structure.


Types of Jurisdiction in Dubai

The next thing you need to know is the types of jurisdictions in Dubai. You must familiarize yourself with the business set up options available to you, in order to make an informed decision for yourself.

Dubai has three major jurisdictions: mainland, offshore, and free zone. Each company set up structure has its own features, advantages, and limitations. Hence, it is important to understand each type so that you can opt for the best option for your startup.

For example, free zones are a great option as they provide a tax-free environment and 100% ownership of your business. However, free zones restrict businesses from operating outside of its geographical confines. This is a limitation for your startup if you are interested in operating in the mainland.

Therefore, you must clearly understand all the features, benefits, and limitations of each type of jurisdiction in order to make sure you get the most out of your business set up in UAE.


Process of forming a company in UAE

Finally, before you can achieve a successful company set up in the UAE, you must understand all the formalities and legal procedures. While the UAE offers clear and transparent business procedures, it is still important to respect all the formalities in order to avoid any legal troubles.

Therefore, take the time to understand all the legal procedures involved in company set up in the UAE. Furthermore, collect all the necessary documentation needed for a successful startup.

It can be confusing to understand all the formalities and legal procedures involved in business set up in Dubai. Therefore, it is always recommended to seek out assistance from a specialized company formation consulting business in the UAE.

A specialist business formation company will walk you through the entire business set up process, from choosing the right jurisdiction, to completing all the legal requirements, and getting your business off the ground.

IBG Consulting is a leading business formation company in Dubai. We provide consulting services for everything you need to know for a startup in the UAE. Moreover, we will take care of all the complicated business set up processes and procedures, so that you can focus on running your company and making it successful. Contact us to find out more about startup in the UAE.


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