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Setting up a mainland company in Dubai is one of the most popular methods of establishing a commercial company in UAE. It offers various advantages over other business jurisdictions in UAE including no limitation in office space requirement and visa procurement. One can easily get their company registered as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and conduct business operations in Dubai and across the wider UAE economy.

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A few facts about Dubai LLC

Dubai Mainland company provides the flexibility to do business in any part of UAE
Dubai Mainland company has various options for business activities to choose from
A mainland company doesnt have any limits on the number of visas
Dubai has transformed into a global marketplace and trade center with world-class infrastructure and can be accessed by a large number of people
UAE is a tax free zone with 0% business or personal tax
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There are several benefits of setting up an entity in Dubai Mainland and incorporating as an LLC in Dubai. Dubai is the preferred business destination for an entreprenuer due to excellent connectivity, infrastructure and access to a global workforce.

Limited Liability:

LLC which stands for Limited Liability Corporation, is a common form of business in Dubai. An LLC can be formed with the help of minimum two and maximum fifty people. It’s the most popular way for establishing your company in Dubai. When you do business in Dubai, 49% is given to the expatriates, and 51% is for the UAE national partner. There is no specific capital required which you have to invest in the business but if you are investing anything you can become the partner of the company.

Less risk:

You should always go for limited liability corporation as it is easy to incorporate and your liabilities and other business factors get shared. When you have your venture, it is associated with both profit and loss. When you go for limited liability, it reduces the risk of your loss as it would be divided among the stakeholders. Dubai LLC allows companies to come up with most flexible profit sharing arrangements. You can be eligible for 100% profit sharing.

Infrastructure and Transportation:

When you want to start your business, the main thing which you need is proper infrastructure and well-connected transportation facility. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, and it has world class infrastructure, well-maintained roads with excellent transport connect.

Growth Opportunities:

Dubai is continuously growing with regards to trade and commerce. When you start your business in Dubai, you will get an ample number of opportunities as it is considered economically stable and one of the top destinations for doing business in the world.


Dubai is considered to be one of the growing knowledge hubs which have universities and research centers and contribute to growing the technology.


Dubai is in general considered a crime-free zone with an excellent safety record. It provides access to healthcare facilities, for its citizens and residents, which are on par with the best in the world.

Market access:

Companies that are doing business in Dubai, have access to a market with high disposable incomes and spending power in a community which is techonologically advanced and demands a high quality of goods and services.

1Can a free zone company hold its offices outside the free zone?
No, a company registered in Free Zone is not allowed to establish its office outside the designated area.
2Can a free zone company do business or trade outside the free zone?
No, a company registered in the free zone cannot trace or do business in the rest of Dubai or UAE. However they can do business or trade by appointing local brokers or agents. However you are allowed to do business outside UAE.
3Can I obtain financing in Dubai?
There might be several private sources like banks or investment groups with which financing can be sought. But neither the Government of Dubai/UAE nor the Free Zone authority will provide any financing.
4Can I transfer or receive money from outside UAE/Dubai?
Depending on the UAE Laws, you are allowed to receive or transfer money or your capital outside the country.
5How many free zones are there in Dubai?
There are more than 30 Free Zones operating in Dubai. Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai Silicon Oasis are some of them.

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