Why is the UAQ Free Zone the Best Place for Business Setup?

Why is the UAQ Free Zone the Best Place for Business Setup?

September 8, 2021by admin

Anyone who’s looking to start a business setup in Dubai needs to look at free zones, to begin with. Free Zones are economic zones that are set up in Dubai to support businesses. These offer tax concessions, custom duty benefits, etc. to businesses to flourish. The Umm Al Quwain or UAQ is one such free zone that brings compelling perks for business setups. Here’s why you should consider UAQ business setup as your most optimal choice:

A Strategic Location

One of the most important elements for starting a business is the location of your business. You need to ensure that your business location is ideal in terms of customer attraction, costs of doing business, etc.

UAQ offers all these perks based on its strategic location. From cheap labor to affordable living, you can minimize your business expenses by a lot. In addition, you get access to E11 road leading to Sharjah and Dubai International Airports.

You also get the potential to tap into European, North African, Far East, and Subcontinental markets based on the location. If you’re an entrepreneur, choosing UAQ is the right choice for your business location.

Multiple Licensing Options

Getting a license for company setup is highly important when it comes to legal matters. The Umm Al Quwain free zone offers a variety of licensing options that your business can choose from. From freelance to micro-business to industrial and commercial, you can get all kinds of licensing options for your type of business in the UAQ free zone.

It makes this free zone considerably a favorable option since you can get the liberty of doing business with the assurance of getting a license. Moreover, you can easily find third-party organizations that can help you with your business licensing needs.

Fast Setup with Variety of Company Activities

Fast and easy setup is one of the many benefits of business setup in UAQ. Many entrepreneurs and startups often choose UAQ for its favorable circumstances in launching a new business. You can get your company information completed within 2-3 days easily.

Apart from that, UAQ free zone brings some exciting favors for companies starting their business. From oil and gas consultancy firms to legal consultants and realtors, you can start your business in any of these domains while choosing UAQ free zone.

On the other hand, you don’t have to face supplementary contracts from UAE authorities too. In this free zone, you can set up your business in 2-3 days without any hurdles.

No Need for Visa Package

While you’ll probably be needing a visa package for starting your business anywhere in the UAE, UAQ liberates you from this need. You can start your business in UAQ without having a permanent residence or business visa UAQ.

This is one of the best opportunities for entrepreneurs that are looking to start their business with minimal expenses and delays. You can even begin trading before you’re declared privileged for starting a business.

Tax Exemptions

If you’re worried about taxes, then you’ll be delighted to know regarding tax exemptions on UAQ free zone company setup costs. As discussed, this free zone brings in great perks and tax exemptions on the companies starting here is one of them.

The UAQ FTZ makes this free zone a great option for those that are looking to minimize expenses and safeguard their business from taxes. Previously, all companies were subjected to VAT of 2017.

Later, VAT was only made applicable to certain businesses in different free zones. However, with the introduction of UAQ FTZ, companies operating in Umm Al Quwain are now exempted from taxes.

Ease of Backend Operations

If you’re starting a kind of a business that is focusing on backend operations, then choosing UAQ for starting your business. From R&D to back offices or legal outsourcing, you can get things done competitively better in this free zone than in others.

You’ll be getting affordable costs as well as feasible options for carrying out the operations. There’s an industrial area as well that you can utilize as per your business needs. Compared with other cities and zones, you’ll be getting competitive rates and better opportunities here in UAQ.

Ideal for Small Investors

If you’re belonging to a small investment group, then starting your business in UAQ is the right choice. It’s costly starting your business in cities like Abu Dhabi or Dubai. However, starting in UAQ can bring great success with minimal expense.

Since your business will also be getting exempted from taxes and you can operate without needing to verify your visa for business, it’s an optimal choice for small business investment.

Why Choose IBG Consulting for UAQ Business Setup?

Even though UAQ brings several perks for businesses, choosing a reliable third party for business setup is important. IBG Consulting offers compelling solutions for setting up your company in UAQ.

From licensing to operational functionality, IBG Consulting provides steadfast services with real-time results. We ensure operational efficiency promptly, giving you the lead for starting your business in UAQ.

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