UAE Leaders Have Announced 10 Governing Principles

The UAE Leaders Have Announced 10 Governing Principles For The Next 50 Years

September 14, 2021by admin

A recent announcement came from the government of the UAE. The leaders responsible for the rule of the country have laid down 10 principles that would be used as a standard of governance in the upcoming 50 years. Here are those 10 principles:

1. Strengthening of the Union

This principle will strengthen unity between the states of the country. This will be done by improving conditions for legislation and institutions through urban development and economic budgeting for the entire country.

2. Building a Dynamic Economy

The core focus will be on building a dynamic economy to ensure a progressive stance over the next 50 years. All institutions will bear the collective responsibility of handling and aiding in the growth of the economy, leading to collective prosperity that would enable a collective strengthening of progress for all states and institutions.

3. Foreign Policy

Considering the economic development of the country for providing quality life to the people, the government shall focus on engaging in fruitful foreign policies. These will enable the country to engage in matters that would provide effective assistance for building a strengthened and dynamic economy as stated earlier.

4. Human Capital

Encouraging human capital for driving growth, the government will seek to pave a path for an enabled human capital. This will be done by investing in building and improving educational institutions, encouraging in-demand skills, attracting and retaining specialists, and doing everything to keep UAE on the top.

5. Geographical Stability

Enhancing geographical stability, the government will ensure to promote social and cultural diversity, boosting good relationships with the neighboring countries. Developing political, social, and economic relationships with the neighboring countries to cultivate geographical stability.

6. Global Reputation

Boosting the reputation of the UAE as an economic investment opportunity, one industrial destination, one tourism destination, and a cultural destination is the foremost goal for the country. The national institutions will combine their efforts to ensure the prosperous cultivation of progressive strategies that would guarantee the UAE’s superiority for the above-mentioned goals.

7. Digital and Scientific Advancements

The government will seek to progress with leaps and bounds in digital, scientific, and technological domains. This would be to gather resources for improving economic activities while adding valuable enhancements for progressing by manifolds in these domains. Gathering talent, attracting companies, and retaining investors will be the primary goal for these advancements.

8. Value System

The country will be observing a value system that will be based on:

  • Openness and tolerance
  • Preservation of rights
  • Consolidation of the rule of law
  • Preservation of human dignity
  • Strengthening of human fraternity
  • Respect of cultures
  • Respect for national identity

While ensuring that all these are followed and preserved in the value system, the country will make sure to support peace, fraternity, and openness with all international ties, pledges, and foreign policies.

9. Humanitarian Aid

The country will observe humanitarian aid of all kinds as its moral and visionary duty. Helping unfortunate countries and people of all races, colors, etc. will be a top most priority. Any kind of political disagreement with any county will not be hindering the process of offering aid in case of distress.

10. Global Peace

The country will aim for global peace and will become the ambassador of peace while initializing harmony, negotiations, and dialogues for resolving any issues and disputes. Ensuring global peace between countries will be one of the core fundamentals for the foreign policy of the country, for which the government will seek to provide maximum effort and surety.


Why the 10 Principles?

These 10 principles have been directed to enhance the economic and social development of the UAE for the upcoming 5 decades. The document was named “The Principles of the 50.” His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces jointly announced the declaration.

One of the core purposes of the document/ 10 principles is to provide the people of the nation with the best possible solutions for living a luxurious and healthy lifestyle. The UAE leaders also see a growing balance, peace between nations, and progressive economic development in the upcoming 50 years.

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