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Visa Services in UAE

September 12, 2017by admin

UAE has established itself as an ultimate business outpost in the Arabian Peninsula, with more than half of the world’s biggest conglomerates operating from Dubai & other emirates of UAE. As a result of its recent achievements like winning the hosting rights for 2020 Expo, the business sector in Dubai has further surged ahead, inviting entrepreneurs and investors from various global economies. Equally, businesses are welcomed with versatile and sound Govt. policies to help entrepreneurs and SMEs effectively start their business or scale up their business in UAE.
Expatriate Community in UAE
Since the last 2 decades UAE’s dynamic mercantile culture has encouraged expatriates to reap opportunities from its rich industrial landscape. To accommodate such a massive and diverse community of foreigners, the Govt. of UAE has deployed flexible immigration policies to facilitate and encourage entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals seeking careers in UAE without facing any intermediate hurdles when entering, leaving or re-entering the country.
Advantages of a UAE Visa
As a melting pot of cultures, UAE boasts of a globalized community of more than 200 nationalities. As it already gives an opportunity to interflow with new people more freely than any other place, it also has certain advantages associated with living as a resident in the country. For one, it is among the world’s most recognized hubs for job opportunities from every sector. Entrepreneurs and investors can open business ventures in a matter of days with specialized privileges and incentives for particular business types. Foreign nationals can purchase property in UAE, while resident expatriates can sponsor their family members to live with them. UAE’s laws also facilitate people in the childcare industry to benefit from the growing demand for maid/nanny in expatriate families, giving flexible contracts and employee protection for workers from a range of countries. To elaborate this further,
Here are 5 types of UAE visas foreign nationals can avail.

  1. Employment Visa

Employment visa in UAE is authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and issued by the Immigration Department. In contrast to free zone company setup, where the employment visa can be applied without Ministry of Labor’s permit, mainland companies must provide sponsorship and bank guarantee to attain approval from Ministry of Labor.

  • Minimum age limit for Employment Visa is 18 years
  • Bank Guarantee of AED 3000 in case of a mainland (or Limited Liability Company – LLC) company


  • Copy of your current Passport with validity of at least 6 months
  • Photograph of the employee in white background – passport size
  • Attested copy of qualification certificate stamped by education authorities from the country of origin, country of education and the UAE embassy in the country of education. The copy is to be finally stamped by Ministry of foreign affairs in UAE.
  • Original passport for E-Visa


  • The documents are submitted to Ministry of Labor for approval
  • Bank Guarantee and Labor approval fee is paid
  • E-Visa is issued through online procedure and emailed to the employee
  • E-Visa is to be printed and submitted to the immigration counter after arrival into UAE
  • Employee will undergo the blood test and medical checkup
  • ID application will be filled at an authorized typing center
  • Labor contract is issued by the Ministry of Labor and signed by the Employee and the company appointed signatory or local sponsor
  • The application will go through the final stage of online visa stamping


  1. Investor Visa

Investor visa is usually granted for up to 3 years, during which the investor must stay in the country to retain residence eligibility. If the investor leaves the country, a grace period of 6 months is permitted after which the visa will expire, and renewal will be required to re-enter UAE. Businesses with mainland company setup must have an Emirati national as sponsor who will be entitled to 51% share of the company. For Freezone setup, the visa process is much simpler as it does not require an Emirati local to endorse sponsorship or purchase property in UAE

  • Deposit of AED 10,000 against shares owned worth AED 70,000 or more or AED 20,000 against shared owned worth less than AED 70,000.
  • The minimum investment by the applicant is AED. 70,000
  • Visa expires when outside the UAE for longer than 6 months.
  • As a Free Trade Zone Company owner, partner (mainland LLC) or investor the UAE Free Trade Zone


  • Valid Business/trade license of the chosen jurisdiction
  • Valid documents of partner and Memorandum of Association
  • LSA Contract
  • Completed Visa application form
  • 4 passport size pictures in white background
  • Original passport and passport copy of the applicant
  • Copy of entry stamp or valid UAE visa (in case already in UAE)


  • Immigration file will be created at Immigration and Naturalization department
  • Investor visa application will be processed and approved
  • Pink Visa will be mailed to the applicant’s agreed address or can be collected from the consulate of origin country
  • Upon entry, the same procedure will be involved for other visa types.
  • During the 60-day period, the applicant must submit all documents and complete medical tests and biometric scanning for Emirati ID
  • The pink slip must be taken to immigration authorities at airport to change visa status


  1. Real Estate/Property Visa for UAE

Real estate/property visa allows investors to purchase property in UAE and use it for temporary residence. Property visa is a 2-year renewable visa issued by the Dubai Land Department to qualified property owners. Property visa grants residency, an Emirates ID and family sponsorship to the holder.

  • The net worth of the property must be AED 1 million or above
  • Minimum monthly Income must be AED 10,000
  • Property must be residential and habitable regarding living standards
  • Property must be owned 100% by the investor
  • Property must be in freehold area
  • 50% of price must be paid off in case of mortgaged property
  • Deposit of AED 3000 is required per dependent living in the property


  • Title deed of property issued in the name of the applicant
  • Passport copy of the applicant with current visa status/copy
  • 6 passport size photos with white background
  • Good Conduct certificate from Dubai Police and relevant authorities
  • Bank statements and utility bills


  • Approach Dubai Land Department with all the supporting documents
  • The Arabic letter acquired through Land Department must be submitted to Dubai Police HQ with passport copies
  • Return after 2 business days to collect letter of good conduct
  • Dubai Land Department will then begin paper work once letter of good conduct has been submitted
  • Required documents are to be taken nearest estate registration trustee department to get confirmation of mortgage redemption and a Title Deed
  • Wait for 3-4 business days to get Taskeen Applicant approved
  • Visit Immigration section of Land Department to get professional license sheet approved
  • After issuance of Pink Entry, take documents to authorized typist at Land department for medical application and Emirates ID
  • Complete medical examination at Medical Fitness center
  • Take all required documents to Immigration section of Land Department and sign application form
  • A new 2-year property Visa will be placed into the applicant’s passport


  1. Dependent/Family Visa

Every expatriate in UAE needs a family visa to settle down with parents, children or spouse. Also known as dependent visa, it allows the dependents of the employee to acquire residency in UAE for up to 2 years.

  • Children must be below 18 years of age
  • Minimum monthly salary must be AED 4000 or AED 3000+ accommodation in case of spouse
  • Min monthly salary of AED. 20,000 or AED. 19,000+ accommodation in case of parents


  • Application form
  • Original passport of the sponsor
  • Passport copy of parents, spouse or children with passport sized photos in while background
  • Attestation from embassy declaring the sponsor holds legitimate relationship with the dependents and is the sole provider
  • Copy of employment contract along with salary certificate
  • Completed personal details form
  • Tenancy contract


  • Complete all documents for submission
  • Individual sponsor must sign Pink Visa Application form
  • After approval from ministry of immigration, Pink Visa is issued
  • The Pink Visa is deposited to airport immigration authorities and collected by the respective family member of the sponsor
  • Original passport is required for status change procedure once dependents are inside UAE
  • Blood test and medical examination
  • Filling up of EID application form for registration
  • Once the medical tests and application form is approved, family members can collect stamped visa from immigration department


  1. Maid Visa / Nanny Visa

Domestic worker residence visas allow workers from foreign countries to legally work as maids or nannies in UAE. It is a total 2 step procedure and expires after one year.

  • Families and mothers with children can sponsor maids.
  • The head of the family must have an income not less than AED. 8000
  • Bachelors cannot sponsor nannies


  • Residence Visa for the maid/nanny
  • Medical Fitness Report after entering UAE
  • Residence Stamp on Maid’s Passport, Emirates ID application & Issue of Domestic Worker Card
  • Arabic Salary certificate of sponsor (in case of Govt. employee)
  • employee contract from respective company
  • Sponsor’s passport
  • Maid’s passport
  • 3 passport photos of maid/nanny in white background
  • Attestation from consulate for non-relationship with maid (incase maid is from same country)


  • Fill employment entry permit through typist
  • Submit all required documents at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA)
  • After receiving Pink Visa, send original or copy to maid to allow entrance into UAE
  • Once maid has entered UAE, apply for Residence Visa within 30 days of arrival
  • Visit typist to fill medical fitness form to complete medical examination tests and ID biometrics from Medical Fitness center.
  • Go to GDRFA branch and submit Residence Visa application, Emirates ID and medical fitness documents
  • Sign 3 copies of unified contract along with maid’s signature.
  • Give one copy to maid and keep one for yourself out of the 2 returned from the officer
  • Officer will stamp 1-year residence and work permit on maid’s passport
  • Maid will finally be given Domestic Worker Identity Card

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