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Top five startup ideas for Business Setup Dubai

August 17, 2016by admin

The UAE is known for its business friendly policies and there is no wonder that several startups have surfaced in the market of late. Several renowned startup incubators are operating in the free zones in Dubai, which are not only tax havens but also offer proximity to some of the most prolific organizations in the region.

Considering the specialized commercial free zones, as well as the recent market trends in Dubai, the following are the top five startup ideas for Company Setup Dubai.

1. Cafés and Restaurants

Considering the working environment in Dubai, locals and expats alike are looking for new spots for hanging out. Among the top socializing points in the UAE, as anywhere, are cafés and restaurants. This is probably one startup idea that may never get old in the country. As a matter of fact, the top ten ideas accepted for the Manchester Innovation Award featured two coffee shops ideas, Arty Crafty, an exclusive café for women, and Café Goal. Innovative ideas such as Icons coffee couture café, which is the first sugar free coffee shop in Dubai, are reflective of how the market is evolving.

2. Travel & Tours

The United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai, is one of the prime locations of tourists and expatriates in the world. Information pertaining to travel and tours pertaining to the country is valuable currency to pretty much every resident and tourist. There are already quite a few companies operating in this sector, but for the UAE, there are never enough. Apps such as Time Out Dubai, ClearTrip and Middle East based car ride services such as Careem are a few examples of how some developers have catered to the local market requirements. A lot of additions could be offered to the official government apps such as MyDBX, Dubai mParking and Dubai Maps and Walks as well. While it is not surprising that Dubai is a market that has attracted much attention in this regard, but much work is yet to be done in the rest of the Emirates.

3. Real Estate

One of the greatest opportunities in terms of company setup Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is the booming and the ever-changing real estate market in the country. Real estate is always going to be relevant in the country thanks to its unique economic makeup and financial activity, and solutions pertaining to it could be useful to investors and tenants alike. Resourceful options such as Lookup and Bayut are great examples of how businesses can tap on the consumer’s hunger for informed decision making. Real estate information startups are popping up in markets around the world and UAE has been no exception, but there is still margin in the UAE market for more accessible and user-friendly options.

4. Job Market

With the ever-evolving economic activity in the UAE, the job market in the country always remains hot for locals and expats alike. This is why the job market itself is one of the top five startup ideas in UAE that entrepreneurs could devote more attention to. Ventures such as iUAEJobs and Bayt are among the top choices of recruiters and candidates reaching each other, and many more options would only improve the market.

5. Media or Digital Agency

Dubai in particular is a great place to kick start a media or digital marketing agency, with the convenience of telecommunications and transportation infrastructure, as well as tailor-made workplaces. Dubai is not just home to hundreds of local businesses, but it is a hub for several enterprises operating around the world as well. With such activity, the need for marketing opportunities are. Already there are dozens of media agency operating in the Emirate. While the competition is stiff, the opportunities are abundant and process is easy for business Setup Dubai.

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