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Tips on How to Obtain A Certificate of Origin In UAE

April 2, 2021by admin

For an efficient, swift, and legal way of importing and exporting your products in the UAE, getting a Certificate of Origin is a must to ease your worries.


Why should you get a Certificate of Origin?

A Certificate of Origin (COO) is an attested document used to validate the country of origin of imported or exported goods or products. Country of origin of goods refers to where the product is made or manufactured, not where it is shipped from.

With the COO, the local authorities can easily identify the tariff rates, condition of the products, the relationship of country of origin to the target location of shipment, and other factors related to international trade.

If your business includes these activities, you will be required to get a COO from the Chamber of Commerce of your Emirate.


Updates in the COO requirement

On 19 February 2020, the local government of Dubai has minimized the documentation requirements for companies doing business in the Emirate. According to the announcement, importers no longer need to submit a COO from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, as they may declare this using the commercial invoice.

However, should the importers wish to benefit from the custom duty exemptions for imported goods using the various Free Trade Agreements of the UAE, a COO will be required for proper documentation.


Steps in getting a Certificate of Origin

There are two types of COO available:

1. Non-preferential certificates of origin do not have certain advantages to the trade.
2. Preferential certificates of origin provide certain advantages and privileges depending on the country of origin.



1. Register first with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce e-Services online for faster and more efficient transactions.
2. Prepare required documents for your COO. The general list of required documents is as follows:

a. Commercial invoice
b. Packing list
c. For direct shipment:
■ Bills of the exporting country
■ Exporter’s country invoices
■ Bill of landing

d. For UAE origin:

■ Copy of your license
■ Copy of factory’s invoice

e. Transshipment goods
■ Copy of bill transit from Customs


Note that the Dubai Chamber may require additional requirements to ensure due diligence of the company. You should also prepare an affidavit and obtain notarized documents to prove the company’s proper trading practice.

3. Submit all these documents to the nearest service center (Dubai Chamber Happiness Centres, Dubai Chamber website, and/or through smart application) and pay the appropriate fees (AED 100 for the issuance of COO and another AED 50 for an additional copy of your COO).

The Dubai Chamber promises efficient processing of your certificate, ensuring a six-minute processing time using their e-Services portal while 10 minutes through their Customer Happiness Centers.


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