PRO Services Dubai

Every business setup in Dubai requires the services of a Public Relations Officer (PRO) to efficiently handle government-related documentation and complete clearances and approvals from government departments. At IBG Consulting we house the most qualified panel PROs to liaison with government departments and provide transparent, on-time, cost-effective services that save up to 80% of your administrative expenses when setting up your company in UAE. By choosing IBG as your PRO solutions provider, you not only reduce overhead costs but get 100% work accountability and professional legal representation for your company, stimulating growth and recognition.

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How our PRO Services work?

Our PROs liaise with government ministries and legislative bodies such as Department of Economic Development, Dubai Chamber, Dubai Immigration & Naturalization Department, Ministry of Labor, Dubai courts, UAE embassy, General Department for Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Roads and Transport Authority, etc. to balance the administrative work-load of your organization and improve delivery timelines.

Why to trust IBG

PRO services also called Document Clearing Services, facilitate the administrative tasks for your business by taking care of all the official documentation work professionally. With IBG's PRO services in Dubai at your disposal, you can concentrate on your core business, and we will take care of the rest with the below advantages.

To facilitate a fast, trackable, and seamless service, we assign a dedicated PRO to your company, so you never miss a deadline and remain informed on every renewal date.

We provide you with all the receipts & letters issued by the government departments to ensure full transparency and follow-up on every update from the government ministries.

Our Arabic translators and typists are hand-picked from the most experienced and skilled resources to produce the finest paperwork for your trade license registration and renewal.

Our competitively priced packages (Monthly as well as One-Time) save you time & money while giving you a complete suite of PRO coverage on legal, financial and administrative tasks.

We firmly stand behind our commitment of timely service as your satisfaction is our primary goal. No matter what task we undertake, we never break deadlines.

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Types of PRO Services

With a growing team of PRO experts, IBG Consulting maintains its premier services across an array of corporate tasks such as

  • UAE Business License Services
  • Trade Name Approvals
  • Company Liquidation
  • Visa Approval
  • Court Agreement Letter
  • Arabic-English LLC Contract Typing
  • Labor Contracts, Visa Amendment
  • Employee Contract Clearance
  • Certificate Attestation
  • Paperwork for Immigration
  • Paperwork for Municipality
  • Embassy Paperwork
  • Health Insurance
  • Driver’s License Processing

PRO Service Package

IBG offers reliable and professional PRO & Visa services starting at 999 Dirhams

Monthly transaction bundle packages
Starting from AED 999
Trade license renewal
Starting from AED 999
Visa renewal
Starting from AED 499
DHA (Dubai Health Authority) & MoH (Ministry of Health) license
Starting from AED 499