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How to keep you Job and Launch Your Own Business

November 25, 2015by admin

If you are planning to set up business in Dubai, it is important to understand that you need to plan the path with care, hard work, motivation and time management. You probably have a day job, too, and need that income to start your new business or maintain your day-to-day expenditure, so may not quite be ready to give it up till your business is up and running successfully. Well, that’s quite OK, and with careful planning, you can balance both.
The following tips will help you sustain your day job while working on your dream to set up business in Dubai:

Time Management

Since you already have a day job, it may be hard to find time to work on your business set up. The best way to manage time is to have a schedule and then stick to it. Block some time everyday to focus on your new business, but not at the expense of your day job. Slowly, and gradually as the business picks up, you can devote more time to it outside of your normal working hours, and eventually quit your day job if you want to. It won’t be easy in the beginning, to be honest, and you may have to cut back on many things you enjoy, but in the long run, it will be worthwhile to use any free time you have to work on your new business.
Another way to handle the managing of time is taking on a partner, someone you can trust and who will share the burden of starting up a new venture. In this way, you can both manage your time efficiently and pay more attention to your business without compromising your day jobs.


It is important to plan ahead before you set up business in Dubai. This would involve managing time so you can efficiently balance work and your business, saving up money and allocating it to utilize in setting up your dream business, deciding what type of business you want to do and how you will go about setting it up. If you free your life from unnecessary distractions and plan ahead, nothing will get in the way of turning your dream into a reality.


Keep yourself motivated and don’t let anything get in the way of your dreams. There may be times when your day job keeps you too busy, you feel you don’t have enough time to dedicate to the business or become frustrated because the startup is slow, but if you stay motivated and focused, you will eventually be able to manage the situation and emerge as a successful entrepreneur.
According to the Academy of Management Journal, entrepreneurs who keep their day jobs while pursuing a new business are less likely to fail by a third. So, while it’s true that working full-time may not enable you to dedicate enough time to set up business in Dubai, if you plan ahead and remain motivated, nothing can stop you from turning your dream into a reality.

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