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Why Hire a Consulting Agency to Setup Your Business in UAE?

November 25, 2015by admin

UAE’s versatile business landscape has always been a fertile ground for aspiring entrepreneurs and SMEs ready to start their ventures and explores UAE’s abundant business prospects. As a business set-up powerhouse and a leading world economy, UAE makes a perfect utopia for investors seeking tax free robust incorporation in the middle east.

While setting up a company in UAE is sound investment to innovate, build and grow your corporate presence in the region, getting started without professional assistance can be a daunting task.

Like most countries, the UAE commands its own legislature, unique in many legal aspects. A foreign entrepreneur or an enterprise requires representation from a seasoned expert to successfully incorporate a company while adhering to all its laws. Thankfully, there are thousands of consultancy agencies in UAE that offer business setup services in affordable packages.

The 3 Basic Company Structures in the UAE

The 3 major company structures in UAE are Mainland LLC, Free Zone Company and Offshore Company formation. All 3 have their own purpose of incorporation depending on client requirements and operational needs. Free Zones are ideal for foreign trading counterparts since they provide 100% foreign ownership privilege and specialized logistics support. Mainland LLCs are mostly popular in the services sector while offshore companies are used as legal tools to protect assets from creditors.

Guiding with Business Plan and Jurisdiction

The consultant will outline a detailed business plan and help decide what kind of business would be successful in Dubai after careful analysis and research of the market and competition. The consultant will also help choose the location that best suits your business needs and deliver customized solutions based on your needs and requirements. Getting to know the right location is highly important,

The Consultant will assist you in,

  • Business structure of the UAE
  • Selection of feasible products or services
  • Target market
  • Legal and registration procedures
  • Obtaining a business licenses
  • Initial business set up Dubai expenses
  • Selection of a suitable local partner (if investing in the onshore sector)
  • Feasible location to set up your business (onshore, off shore or free zone)

Helping Setup a Suitable Bank Account

It is important to choose the right bank to integrate with your business setup in UAE so the banking solutions suit your business requirements. As a foreign investor, it may be hard to select a bank that provides the highest level of quality banking so business is conducted with ease and without financial issues. This is where the consultant comes in. The consultant will have in-depth knowledge of the various banks and the paperwork involved in opening and running the business account.

What Makes the Consultancy Agency Stand Apart

The consultant’s job doesn’t end with helping choose the right business, location and suitable bank and account. A good consultant will also help interpret intricate business and financial challenges that may arise and propose solutions to ensure the business selected operates smoothly and successfully.

How IBG Can Help?

Setting up a new business in the UAE is not easy and requires a lot of knowledge and understanding of the business procedures and legal aspects that govern the company. IBG Consulting Middle East has several years of experience helping entrepreneurs, SMEs and Global Conglomerates open their companies in UAE. We can help you,

  • save money
  • speed up the legal procedures
  • minimize taxes
  • protect assets
  • control liabilities
  • Gain valuable insights into various processes that lead to establishing a successful company setup in Dubai.

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