How to Apply for the Golden Visa Using The ICA App?

How to Apply for the Golden Visa Using The ICA App?

September 1, 2021by admin

How to Apply for the Golden Visa Using The ICA App?

According to the news, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship UAE (ICA) has allowed residents to apply for the Golden Visa via their app. Previously, the residents would need to register themselves and apply via the official website.

The ICA smart app will be used for this purpose. Those eligible for applying for a 10-year visa can apply via the app. The applicants will be allowed to submit relevant documents and a fee of AED 50 for processing the application.

Once the application is submitted, the applicants will receive a text message as well as an email provided on the application from the relevant authorities. The message and email will contain an application receipt, the status of the application, and access using the email.

It’s to note that applicants are required to input correct credentials since the ICA reserves the reject applications based on false credentials. Moreover, the ICA will disapprove/cancel applications in case no action has occurred on them within 30 days. However, it’s to note that the ICA will be working on the applications to provide swift responses.

Who Can Apply?

As per the regulations, the following personnel can apply for the golden visa:

  • • Investors with at least AED 10 million (for a 10-year visa) or AED 5 million (for a 5-year visa).
    • People with specialized talents, including doctors, scientists, and inventors.
    • Entrepreneurs with AED 500 thousand existing capital.
    • Students with 3.75 or 95% scores.

How to Apply?

With the ICA application now available, residents falling in the eligible category can apply through the following way:

  • • Download the ICA UAE application.
    • Select ‘Public Services’
    • Select ‘Nomination Application for Golden Service’
    • Fill in data
    • Attach the required documents
    • Pay the fee

Can Now Nominate

The ICA has introduced the feature of nomination. This feature will allow the applicants to nominate someone, family or friend, for the golden visa. The process will be the same as described above and the eligibility criteria will remain the same.

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