UAE Opens Its Borders For Tourists From Around The Globe

UAE Opens Its Borders For Tourists From Around The Globe

August 30, 2021by admin

The COVID pandemic has caused havoc around the globe. With immense precautions taken, countries closed their borders for foreign residents and travelers alike. However, with COVID vaccinations rolling out, things are looking to return to normal.

Within the progress, the UAE government recently announced the opening of its borders for those that have received COVID vaccination. According to the news, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship ICA and the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) stated in a joint statement that the UAE is allowing tourists and residents to return.

As per the statement, the travelers must have received both doses of the WHO-recommended COVID vaccine. It’s to note that several countries, including the UAE, have imposed restrictions on Chinese vaccines (Sinopharm, Sinovac). The remaining vaccines include AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Sputnik, and Moderna that have been approved for visa services in Dubai and other Emirate states.

Addressing the press conference, the representatives from NCEMA and ICA stated that travelers from red-listed countries will also be allowed to visit Emirates. However, travelers will be asked to undergo a mandatory rapid PCR test before they’re allowed to enter Emirates.

On the other hand, the rules and laws for unvaccinated travelers are still applicable. Travelers can now submit their COVID vaccination certificate on the ISA website before traveling.

What Should You Know?

With the announcement, the UAE government has launched some guidelines to help travelers return to the UAE.

  • • Only those that are vaccinated with WHO-recommended vaccines are allowed to visit the UAE.
    • Tourist visas from restricted countries are also allowed to apply for the visa if they’re vaccinated with WHO-recommended COVID vaccines.
    • A mandatory PCR test is necessary for tourists.
    • Apart from exempted categories, traveling regulations and visa processing services for the UAE remain the same for the unvaccinated.
    • The ICA platform or Al-Hosn Application can be used to submit a COVID vaccination certificate to enjoy the benefits endowed to the vaccinated.

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