At IBG consulting we are well capable of taking your business across borders to new destinations you’ve only dreamed about. From new startups to existing entities seeking market expansion, if you are ready to explore and enter new markets, IBG is here to advise and assist you. Our team of consultants and specialists know and understand what it takes to realize your foreign market expansion or entry needs.

We operate a unique Business Alliance model that provides added features with experts located around the world in carefully identified and vetted service providers who collaborate with IBG Consulting to ensure we have a full suite of services to assist you better. Whether it’s setting up offices, getting the licenses and permits you need to operate, or providing ongoing services like filing, management services, bank account opening, payroll, our advisors will explain your options taking into consideration your unique requirements and get to work to make sure your goals are achieved, giving you a peace of mind to focus on your core business and running your new company.

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We carefully manage our network of trusted service providers. Together, we have the people, technology and processes you need to make the most of your opportunities. So do not hesitate to contact us if you feel it is time to look beyond borders for opportunities in other parts of the world.

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More than just a service provider we strive to be a long term business partner to all our valued customers.



Cyprus has a well-functioning common law legal system which has its origins support businesses, excellent telecommu- in the English legal system. nications, air and port connections.

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An offshore company is an independent legal entity with limited liability and must have atleast one shareholder. The liability of the partners or shareholders is limited to their capital contribution.

Offshore business process outsourcing means running business from home country and exporting the services by a foreign-based company having lower labor rates and more tax saving.

Offshoring aims at cost reduction in terms of tax and labor expenditures. So the companies do not generally bother about the other hidden costs of travelling, training, and communication. Since they plan for long term business, they have to bear with the business relationship costs.

Current laws restrict the clients to disclose their locations (for example call centers), to show the place of contract with the government, to open the limited financial data and medical details of the offshore housing.