Setting up your business is really easy at Jebel Ali Offshore and once completed, the offshore company receives a certificate of incorporation. Given that a business licence is not issued, the offshore company may conduct commercial activities outside the UAE.

A JAFZA offshore company, subject to JAFZA Authority’s approval and the Dubai Land Departments’ current policy, retains the right to acquire freehold property within specific designated areas in Dubai. It can also act as a holding company by way of acquiring shares in other free zone companies, and subject to the applicable banks policy; open a bank account, pledge its shares, and secure loans and other finance facilities. Jebel Ali Offshore is the perfect place to setup your business as it provides great connectivity within Dubai and other major emirates
Additionally, forming a company in Jebel Ali Offshore involves minimal paperwork.

Jebel Ali Offshore exempts you from paying any tax. This is one of the free zone business hubs where government implements many subsidies so that foreign companies can come and settle their business to strengthen the economy of Dubai.

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Why JAFZA offshore
  • No minimum capital is required when you want to set up your business in Jebel Ali Offshore
  • A 100% tax-free company
  • You will have 100% foreign ownership facility
  • The registration procedure is easy and simple
  • Plenty of opportunities to invest your money in property and stocks worldwide
Types of business allowed