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July 26, 2020
IFZA Free Zone Visa Guidelines

Run by a group of experts from other significant Free zones of the Emirate, the International Free zone Authority of Fujairah has been building its name since 2018, allowing them to become the leading investment hub for both local and international investors within the vibrant economy of UAE. It prides itself on different and competitive business...

June 20, 2018
UAE Announces Major Reforms for Trade & Visa

The UAE government recently approved a number of reforms concerning various agendas of UAE immigration, trade and welfare policies. The new reforms will further help in improving the viability of Doing Business in Dubai and will significantly upgrade the welfare of private sector workers while giving incentive to overburdened employers in numerous spheres. The Dubai...

March 25, 2018
Good Conduct & Behavior Certificate Now Compulsory for Expats in the UAE

The UAE government has implemented a major reform in its immigration policies. The new “good conduct and behavior” certificate, effective since February 4 2018 is compulsory for every expat applying for UAE visa. Foreigners seeking jobs and investment opportunities in UAE are required to submit this as a background record guarantee along with their other legal...