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Why Should You Hire Business Set up Consultants?

September 22, 2019by admin

When investors start planning to set up their business or launch a company in the UAE, they usually find all the fingers pointing towards the direction of hiring a business-setup consultancy agency. A good business setup consultant provides business owners, and decision makers with valuable and factual advice, bulletproof process, and strategic plans that can facilitate the company formation.

Choosing to hire a professional business setup consultancy in UAE, helps in making informed decision in forming the correct business entity and, meeting all the legal compliance requirements.


  • License and Legal Clarity

Instead of hoping for a lucky strike while going through number of legal formalities such as registration and licensing before launching the business. A business setup consultant is familiar or rather say expert competent with all the legal regulations and can ensure that the process of the business setup in Dubai will be carried out efficiently. A professional business set up consultant can help understand the risk involved in any license type and any options available for the business setup process.


  • Expert’s Advice on every step

Any Business setup consultant hired must be experienced and have a complete comprehension of the local marketplace in which the company operates. The consultant should have a concrete perspective of market competitors or companies. Moreover, know what it will take to outperform them. For instance, a business consultant can advise an investor on which businesses work best in every region and every zone of the country, and why. It is normal of the business consultants to educate an investor regarding business needs and the risks that are involved in the procedure.


  • Taking Business Ownership

The United Arab Emirates is uniquely divided into different onshore regions, which also consists of a large number of diversified free zones each with its own rules and regulations. Complete compliance with laws, rules, and regulations requires the involvement of professional and experienced advice since violation of any of these could lead to fines and unneeded expenses or rather say losses. A business setup consultant helps greatly in mitigating the risk associated with selecting legal structure and provide trusted and valuable information to entrepreneurs and business owners equally.


  • Advice on the best Legal formation

A professional consultant would be able to define what your business needs and where it would be. Choosing whether to setup an offshore (IBC-International Business Company) or an onshore (or Mainland location), a free zone company or a mainland company. Experts would know what to advice within matter of entity and location.


  • Setup Cost Assessment

Trying to handle the requirements of a free zone authority directly, for example, may only stop at the benchmark of some basic information that may miss the offers, packages and comparative analysis to place other options on the table. An experienced consultant would give a better insight regarding the cost-effective way to set up a business in Dubai. Nevertheless, caters the best methods and steps that would save both effort and expenses.


  • Making the setup process worry-free

One of the best benefits, if not the top of the list, of hiring a business consultant for the company setup in UAE is that it will keep the investors hassle-free. Instead of going through the company formation process, the consultant hired has the experience to register business for clients allowing easy setup difficulties-free.


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