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When is the Right Time to Outsource PRO Services?

November 16, 2017by admin

Public Relations work is an essential activity and an integral part of any company in UAE. Every business right from its infancy to growing stage needs consistent PRO support to keep a firm grip on its legal platform, expand its operation and remain in good books of the UAE government. PROs or Public Relation Officers constitute the main line of action in this entire process. They are either hired as dedicated resources or the PRO services in UAE can be outsourced to a professional PRO agency.

Why Not In-house?

While there are benefits associated with dedicated in-house PRO department, research on recent in-house PRO activities revealed that an exceeding amount of man-hour and manpower is devoted in maintaining records, calling in meetings, going for follow-ups, checking on of renewals & expiry dates while keeping updated on changing laws for Labor, Immigration, Commerce and other Government institutions. All these tasks translate into overburdening expenses that most companies can avoid by handing over their PRO work to professional service providers. Following are four credible reasons that indicate it is the right time to hire a professional PRO services company in UAE.

  1. Employee Strength is Going up

Outsourcing PRO services is an effective solution to reduce overheads generated by growing number of employees in a company. Although in-house PRO resources are more task-specific and easier to manage, they can start taking a serious toll on company profits if employee strength begins to surge. By hiring a professional PRO agency to take on the company’s legal responsibilities, the costs on staff salaries, gratuities, accommodation, transportation, retention incentives, leave expenses, insurance, management expenses and other miscellaneous expenses are eliminated.

  1. Fines and Delays Are Going Up

Most companies are equipped with a basic administrative department to manage resources, run financials and improve work efficiency. These departments lack the expertise and specialized skills to respond, coordinate and adequately comply with host country’s laws and business policies. Such lack of function not only damages the company’s ultimate output but also leaves it vulnerable to fines and delays administered by government authorities. Outsourcing PRO services ensures these shortcomings are eradicated by introducing structured workflow in the right order so each time an approval or govt. notice comes, it is received, acknowledged and adequately implemented.

  1. Time and Effort Spent on PRO work is Going Up

Another major relief that a company experiences by outsourcing PRO services is the availability of surplus time. Most businesses that look after their government interactions through an integrated PRO department are often continuously engaged in internal meeting and additional activities on obtaining permits, visa approvals, license renewal and other forms of necessary documentation. Outsourcing PRO services can help the firm streamline its internal processing while investing that surplus time in other productive business related projects.

4. Company’s Focus is No Longer on the Core Business

Often the ROI for SMEs in UAE stumbles when the market evolves, requiring expansion in due course. It is only possible if a company has succeeded from its development phase and entered a project focused approach where multiple departments can be created and new resources deployed to ensure profitability of the new ventures. Business expansion creates numerous gaps from a legislative standpoint that can undermine its workflow and deter its potential strategies in the market. Outsourcing PRO services provides a 24X7 taskforce to the company, that looks after its documentation, approvals and renewal process that many companies overlook when operating in a foreign country such as UAE.

How can IBG help?

At IBG consulting we innovate, build and grow your business through professional PRO services. As a premier business setup agency, we specialize in every aspect of business formation from its infancy to its expansion phase. Our PROs have an extensive field experience of over ten years helping companies process labor documents, immigration cards, ministry approvals, medical fitness tests, family residence visas, business license renewal and other forms of government attestation processes. Additionally, our PRO services benefit you with full privacy and an optimum level of confidentially when dealing with legal documents.

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