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What is the procedure of firm registration?

August 27, 2019by admin

Stepping into the future means that you forget about the space limitation and pursue the best option in the mean time for your business. Dubai, the modern world hub, located in the heart of world. The modern time business hub facilitates the access to the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Europe.

The smart move here is to pursue the assistance a professional business setup consultant in Dubai. A consultant would know how to provide time and budget friendly solutions for your business. Affirming on making the right decision that boosts the capabilities of your business.

To register a business in Dubai means signing up for numerous benefits that would provide your business with many opportunities on the short and the long term.

There are number of steps to registering a company in Dubai and the UAE

  1. Decide on the business activity you plan to pursue

To choose the appropriate business activity and understand the possibilities to expand might seem a difficult decision to make. However, with a professional assistance you would be able to decide on the most promising activity and understand where would be the places that would suit certain activities. In addition to understanding, the requirements and procedures for each activity, but they all follow the decision making of the desired activity.

  1. Decide on the name

There are number of rules and regulations to be abided by when settling for the name of a business and an investor needs to clearly understand and follow.

  1. Complete the needed documents and forms

To obtain trade license Dubai for Example certain forms need to be completed and presented to the respective authorities and in a timely manner. With the guidance of an expert, the registration of paperwork before managing the license process with the government is inevitable.

  1. License notification and documents collection

When the company trade license in Dubai for instance is received, the investor is immediately contacted to collect the original corporate documents moving forward through the process of the set up by business setup consultant who is familiar with the Dubai regulation.

  1. Opening a corporate bank account

Having all the required proper documentation facilitates the procedure of opening a bank account for the business. It is always the smart thing to do to have a separate corporate bank account for the business to keep the finances in line. For some investors the procedures might seem hazardous, yet having the consultancy of a professional simplifies it and clarifies the best banking solutions for the business.

  1. Businesses immigration card processing

Choosing a visa trade license in Dubai means that the next step is to apply for the immigration card via the respective immigration authority.

  1. Visa Processing

Towards the end and until the launching of the company, an experienced consultant could would guide you through and even avail all the needed PRO support to obtain the visa in a time-friendly manner and the most practical way.

IBG has a complete understanding for the UAE regulation and process. It has come up with several flexible possibilities for entrepreneurs. IBG team of professionals caters perceptive setup, a highly experienced company formation team of specialists to help with every step during the business setup procedure. IBG thrives for a partnership of success that guarantees protected personal, business credibility, giving no space for misconducts.

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