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Bookkeepers Must-have Skills

August 20, 2019by admin

People get confused between accounting and bookkeeping probably because they are both essential and inevitable for a successful and flourishing business operation. Both bookkeeping and accounting are greatly used collaboratively; however, there are a few differences between them. An excellent accountant is a great bookkeeper. What set of skills would make one a great bookkeeper?


  1. Commitment

A par excellence bookkeeper needs to show utmost commitment to providing the skills needed for fulfilling his role and providing the outcomes for the business. Showing dedication to a business and its needs not only improves the level of work ethic provided, but also the bond between the bookkeeper and the company.


  1. Discipline

The importance of the sole of bookkeeping comes from the reliance of other departments and areas in an organization and puts company’s financial records at a stake. Being reliable in a position defines the outcome of projects and for that; a great discipline must be encompassed.


  1. Detail oriented performance

Accuracy should come hand in hand with fast performance. Looking at the details of a project and making sure of all the details, unquestionably, helps. Paying attention to details means less hassle in the future for the bookkeeper specifically and the entire company, accordingly.

  1. An eye for the future

It is vital to understand how certain decisions affect the business in 6-12 months from the moment the decision is made. In the sense of how a payment or a purchase would affect the daily running of the company later on down the track, greatens the value of a bookkeeper to the company.


  1. Neat and systematic

Having the ability to organize and maintain financial records is critical to the role of bookkeeping, and it certainly benefits if a person knows how to create the best systematic organizational order.


  1. Flawless data entry skills

Knowing how to stay updated with technology and being able to add in data accurately and in a timely manner is cornerstone for a successful bookkeeper.


  1. Amiable communication

Dubai is a multicultural city, becoming a bookkeeper in a firm in Dubai means to work alongside accountants and other departments within the company of different backgrounds. Being able to communicate with everyone swiftly, smoothly and effectively will make everyone’s job (a lot easier.


  1. Solid knowledge of bookkeeping fundamentals

To have a great knowledge of bookkeeping is subtly one of the foremost and essential qualifications. Understanding accounting jargons and having the skills and education to undertake your role is a huge part of the needed whether developed or acquired skills.


  1. Ambition for gaining more

A great bookkeeper must always have an interest in learning more about the position and furthering their education when the opportunity comes. It could be by taking advanced courses or pursuing a degree to become an accountant, monitor or even auditor on the long run.


Being an excellent bookkeeper means proving a business that one has all of these skills and traits to ensure that the clients are happy, comfortable and satisfied. With so many changes happening in the world of finance and business and Dubai as the modern world business hub, it has become a vitality for all business of different sizes to have a bookkeeper with the correct set of skills.


To make a subtle and solid grounded decision for your business whether it is small or big pursuing UAE bookkeeping services or specifically Dubai bookkeeping is a pillar that guarantees the stability and the success of the business. IBG caters different packages that meets the needs of all sizes of business and fit for different industries. Get in touch with our bookkeepers and bookkeeping consultant and understand where you are standing and where to go from there!

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