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UAE Small Business Ideas and Opportunities

December 17, 2018by admin

If you have a decent capital and a good business consultancy agency at your back, it’s time to invest in a sound idea that will bring fortune to your company. Here are top 8 trending business setup ideas in UAE.

  1. Oil and Gas

As a mainstay of UAE’s central economy, the oil and gas sector still contributes heavily to its economic outlook. Despite being used for several decades, UAE’s oil reserves still have enough room to accommodate more investment and build corporations.

  1. Construction

Each day new buildings and structures are erected in the UAE. This opens a door of great opportunities for engineers and other professionals related to construction domains. In the same way, investors have the opportunity to set up businesses that manufacture or sell raw materials related to building and construction.

  1. Financial Services

Since there are already several large-scale businesses flourishing in the UAE, this is a great evidence to UAE consistent and prosperous sector. Currently there is a huge demand for financial services such as accountants, bookkeepers, economists and auditors. You can easily get into these opportunities and earn a lot from it.

  1. Healthcare

With UAE’s state of the art infrastructure, specialized healthcare facilities and numerous other health-related amenities, the people of UAE have learned to become very conscious about their health. The trend has led to an increase in demand for healthcare services and creation of specialized zones such as Dubai HealthCare City DHCC.

  1. Foods and Snacks

Food is a sector that thrives everywhere and at all times around the clock. As a melting pot of cultures, the UAE accommodates one of the world’s most diverse communities form over 200 countries. This makes a lot of traditional cuisines and food snacks to cater which is why even the smallest of street vendors in UAE earn a lot in selling food.

  1. Transport

Transport is the never-ending sector of UAE’s business industry. As long as there is trade, a department for logistics will always remain. Transport services are in high demand which includes transport trucks for freight, local taxi services, and trans-city transport services.

  1. Security

Although the crime rate in UAE is below any concern, people still take all kinds of measures to make sure their safety and security is at utmost best. This includes personal security guards and devices which includes surveillance, prevention and alarm systems.

  1. Environment

This is one of the most imperative subjects of UAE’s vision 2021. As the country excels in economic and technological advancements, the leadership of UAE has decided to also expand on environmental care and its preservation through a series of programs and initiatives. This is one of the leading goals in UAE’s 2021 manifesto.

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