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UAE’s consistently growing economy and vibrant investment inflows have helped it build one of the most ideologically secure, productive and wealthy company setup eco-systems in the world.

Through remarkable evolution from its primordial stages of scattered oasis and local tribes, the UAE now commands world’s most successful economies and multicultural societies that has culminated into the metropolis Dubai, the crown jewel of the UAE.

Company Formation in Dubai

Abundant with diverse company formation opportunities, supported with FDI welcoming laws, and rich in infrastructure resources, Dubai ranks in the most desired cities to establish a corporate presence and run a business. While opening a company in Dubai may seem an intermediate step towards building a business empire, incorporating it through the right means requires in-depth knowledge on several legal aspects such as business laws, jurisdictions and company formation structures. This is where a Public Relations Officer (PRO) steps in.

What is a PRO?

A PRO is a government registered agent and the official appointee by the investor to represent the company in the public and government platforms, handling paperwork, securing approvals and liaising the investor’s requirements to various Government Ministries and Legislative bodies.

The role of PRO in UAE’s economic landscape is imperative and inseparable. Here are 5 major tasks a PRO handles for a company in Dubai

  1. Company Formation

Setting up a company in Dubai requires a thorough paper trail of money, documentation, clearances, approvals, and certificates from Ministry of Immigration and Labor, Ministry of Economy, and other administrative departments for opening bank account, licensing and registration. The PRO is also responsible for the typing of attestation documents in Arabic and collecting employee visas and labor cards. Other responsibilities of a PRO include trade name registration, drafting Memorandum of Articles (MOA), amending MOA and managing paid-up capital for the investor.

  1. Company Liquidation

Company Liquidation also involves a collection of procedures only a legal expert can perform or assist with. A PRO plays a crucial role in company dissolution, bank account closure, deregistration of license, asset liquidation process and final audit report. The PRO guides the company throughout the process and provides legislative providence for the company’s assets. A good PRO service provider ensures the process is fast and hassle-free.

  1. Visa Processing

The third most common task is Visa Processing. PROs actively engage in Visa approval jobs since UAE’s glowing economic outlook invites millions of foreign job seekers, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and tourists each year. The process involves securing documents from the applicant, forwarding it to the labor and immigration department, getting applicants through medical checks and approving residence visas.

  1. License Renewal

Companies operating in foreign counties often overlook trade license renewal terms. It is a PRO’s job to maintain company records, arrange meetings, prepares follow-ups and check on license renewals & expiry dates. In Dubai, a company failing to comply with license renewal terms or causing delay in the process can be subject to hefty fines, penalties, and even license cancellation.

  1. New Laws and Amendments

The year 2018 brought a major cluster of new reforms and amendments into UAE’s business industry such as the 5% VAT Law, License Renewal fine removal, SM Influencer License, 10-year visa, 100% foreign ownership for mainland and some proactive stimulus packages. Moreover, new reforms are also waiting to be announced at mid-September. A PRO ensures a structured workflow in the right order so each time an approval or govt. notice comes, it is received, acknowledged and adequately implemented.

How IBG Can Help?

Every business setup in Dubai requires the services of a Public Relations Officer (PRO) to efficiently handle government-related documentation and complete clearances and approvals from government departments. At IBG Consulting we house the most qualified panel PROs to liaison with government departments and provide transparent, on-time, cost-effective services that save up to 80% of your administrative expenses when setting up your company in UAE. By choosing IBG as your PRO solutions provider, you not only reduce overhead costs but get 100% work accountability and professional legal representation for your company, stimulating growth and recognition.

To facilitate fast, trackable and seamless service, we assign dedicated PRO for your company, so you never miss a deadline and remained informed on every renewal date. Contact us now or visit our website


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