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New Requirement in Entering Abu Dhabi: The Al Hosn App

February 1, 2021by admin

With the current pandemic happening all over the world, contact tracing is critical among every country. It is only natural for any country to develop an easier way to trace, detect, and monitor an individual who has been involved or has manifested a COVID-19 Virus.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention, Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) and Dubai Health Authority in the UAE has come hand in hand to develop an app called ALHOSN UAE. In Abu Dhabi, local authorities have tightened their entry rules mandating people looking to drive to the Capital to show Covid-19 test results via the contact tracing app- Al Hosn, effective February 1, 2021.

This app is the official integrated digital platform for COVID-19 tests in the UAE through which individuals can receive their tests results on their smartphones. It can also detect if the user has been close to people who have contacted the said virus through the user’s smartphone Bluetooth. The app can also highlight the number of days since a person landed at the airport from abroad.

Information provided in the app will help officers posted at the border to determine the quarantine norms required for a particular person.

If a person has a DPI test result or a PCR test result, they must enter Abu Dhabi and/or the Capital within 24 hours of receiving the negative result.

Phase 3 of Clinical Trials volunteers of the Covid-19 vaccine and those who have received the jab as part of national vaccination programmes are exempted from this procedure. Still, they should present a gold star or an ‘E’ icon on their Al Hosn app.



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