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How to Start a Travel and Tourism Business in Dubai?

March 25, 2020by admin

One of the ever-popular mediums of businesses in the UAE is travel and tourism, which encourages many of the ambitious entrepreneurs to pursue a travel and tourism business setup in Dubai! Copious reasons make Dubai a modal destination to join the business setup in Dubai tourism industry. It is an internationally recognized destination of attraction popular for its landmarks, warm beaches, and many other reasons in addition to being one of the region’s biggest shopping destinations.

With an ever-increasing number of international travelers on annual bases. Consequently, planning to travel and tourism company formation in Dubai requires certain procedures that would include answering a number of factual questions:

What is the process for a Tourism Business setup in Dubai?

En route for starting a tourism business, one needs to:

  • Register the business with the (DED) Department of Economic Development
  • Register the business with the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing
  • Apply for the right type of tourism license
  • Speak with a business setup consultant at IBG consultancy before starting any procedures

The very last item on the previous list could be pushed towards the top since the experienced business consultant could help you with many things, such as the preparation procedures, fulfilling all the requirements and regulations enlisted by the respective authorities, and guiding towards the right choices on every step and through every phase!

What activities are availed with a Tourism License?

A tourism license allows a company or agency to

  • Sell tourism packages offline
  • Sell tourism packages online
  • Issue travel insurance
  • Provide accommodation or stay choices
  • Cater visa-related supporting services
  • Sell transportation tickets including flights, railway, etc.
  • Avail car rental or chauffeur services

All the enlisted tourism business activities and opportunities can be practiced in Dubai seamlessly under the same license. Moreover, with the help, if an expert business setup consultant you could get more than you could think under the umbrella of the modern UAE and Dubai incentives.

How to get hold of a tourism business license in Dubai?

There are three types of classifications of Tourism License in Dubai:

  • Inbound Tour Operator License
  • Outbound Tour Operator License
  • Travel Agent License.

Inbound Tour Operator License allows the company or the agency to provide services including local travel, events, visa issuance, and transportation requirements for the locals, the residents, and foreigners or tourists traveling to Dubai.

Outbound Tour Operator License permits the company or the agency to sell travel or tourism packages outside of the UAE through e-commerce, opine agents’ network.

Travel Agent License allows the company or the agency to practice a vendor’s activities for tickets and booking services and all their related services. Including but not limited to flight ticketing, transportation (buses, trains, etc.) hotel accommodation, all vacation-related bookings, car rental services.

What documents are needed to get the license?

The documents needed for the issuance of the travel and tourism business’ license include:

  • Completed Tourism License Application
  • Copy of the valid passport of each of the applicants
  • Work qualification certification
  • The owner’s good conduct certificate
  • The owner’s proof of clean criminal record
  • Project detailed feasibility study or planning report highlighting the economics and technicalities
  • Civil Aviation Authority No Objection letter

A travel and tourism business setup in the UAE in Dubai could solely be a mainland business setup for business’ practice purposes. Not only a mainland formation but it also has to be an LLC in which 49% of the shares of the company are owned by a foreign partner, while and 51% of the shares have to be owned by a Local Emirati national.

The titled manager of the company must have on record a minimum of 3 years of managing travel, tourism, or a hospitality medium business. Upon receiving the license, the company must be registered with Dubai Chamber in order to issue the Dubai Chamber Certificate, which is essential for registering the company or the agency with numerous governmental departments and for any future business expansion or branching in any other emirates.

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