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How to Get Residency Visa in UAE?

August 30, 2018by admin

What is a Residence Visa?

A residence permit, or more commonly known as ‘Residence Visa’ is a piece of document that certifies the legitimacy of a foreign national to reside in a state, country or region for a specific period or a defined length of time subject to the country’s immigration laws. The residence status is granted on a range of conditions set by the government such as business, investment, tourism or immigration, each of which decides the visa holder’s nature and length of the stay.

Residency Visa in UAE

In UAE, there are 3 major methods to acquire a residency visa. Prior to starting any business ventures, employment contracts or relocation into UAE, the candidate is required by law to obtain a resident visa to legally practice his/her stay. Like any other country, securing a residence visa in UAE involves standard procedures and documentation. If the requirements are duly followed by the applicant, the process is relatively short and hassle-free.

Types of Resident Visa

For most expatriates entering UAE as employees, the employer/company is responsible for their UAE residence visa, labor card, and work permit. However, for business investors and real-estate prospects, the candidates are required to apply for the residence visa either by themselves or through a certified PRO agency.

Unlike tourist visa in UAE, a resident visa is issued for up to 3 years and requires renewal to extend stay. After acquiring a resident visa, the holder gains Emirates Identity Card and is entitled to permanent residence in UAE with a permit to sponsor immediate family members such as wife/husband, daughters and boys below the age of 18 years. The Emirates ID can also be used instead of a passport for legal purposes inside the UAE. If the expat has to leave the country, the UAE government allows the holder to maintain validity by visiting once every six months.

Documents Required for UAE Residence Visa

  • Typed Application form
  • Employment contract (for employee visa)
  • Approved Trade License (for investor visa)
  • Bank Statement
  • Passport copies
  • Passport size photographs
  • Medical Check-up certificate
  • Tenancy contract – if any

UAE Residence Visa Process

  • Before the candidate can apply for the residence visa, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months from planned exit date.
  • After collecting all required documents the applicant will visit an authorized typing center to scan documents and type forms
  • The applicant must obtain medical check-up certificate by visiting authorized hospital/clinic
  • The applicant will take all the documents along with passports, medical tests, employment contract/trade license to notarize and attest them from residency department
  • The applicant will receive an SMS notification declaring the approval of visa
  • The Zajil (UAE appointed courier), applicant’s PRO (public relation officer) or the applicant itself will collect your passport and visit GDRFA to get visa stamped.

How Can IBG Help?

While the government makes the residence visa process quite straightforward, foreign entrepreneurs and SME’s new to UAE’s business landscape are often in need of professional assistance.

Depending on company formation type, requirements are subject to change where additional documents may be required, or specific approvals from government ministries may entail. By hiring IBG Consulting’s UAE visa solutions, you get 100% disclosure on all stages of your visa process, as we keep you on priority through dedicated PRO who will take you step by step, compiling all legal documents, securing approvals on your behalf, getting your visa stamped and delivering it back to you. As a premier consultancy agency, we encompass several years of experience in visa solutions, therefore, you will benefit from the convenience of prompt delivery, professional liaison, and competitive pricing at all levels. Feel free to contact our agent or visit our website to learn more about UAE residence visa.

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