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DMCC Visa Cancellation Rules

April 30, 2019by admin

A Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) licensed company must make sure that its employees are authorized to work in the Free Zone. This is availed either through holding an employment residence visa, having an identity card, or obtaining an access approval. All employees of the free zone companies must have an employment residence visa issued by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, unless they are under the sponsorship of their first degree family member like a father or a husband for example, or if they are GCC Nationals, in which case, they are issued an identity card.

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre visa also referred to as employment residence visa is privileged with a validity that extends for 3 years. The employees are also allowed to sponsor family visas for their family members complying with the rules and regulations of DMCC. Having an agency or a company that provides PRO services in Dubai or specifically in the designated area facilitates and simplifies the procedures making them time-efficient and cost-efficient.

In the case of DMCC visa cancelation, a licensed company must process the cancelation of the employment residence visa after the employee is either terminated or resigned. Residence visa cancellation can be swiftly processed through applying through the DMCC company portal online following the steps and the rules and regulation of the free zone. There are 2 sets of steps and timelines for the employment visa cancellation process. The application process is different for each case. The first case implies that the employee is inside the UAE.

If the employee is paid a salary that equals to AED 5000 or less, then the employee and the company’s authorized representative must visit the DMCC counters for the employee to electronically sign his end of service entitlement documents in the presence of the authorized counter staff. As for the employees who have dependents that they sponsored, they have no choice but to take the needed measurements to cancel those sponsored visas before they even proceed with the cancellation of the visas they hold.

If the employee loses the Company Employment Card (CEC), the free zone authority requires an undertaking letter from the company that needs to be submitted along with the needed documents for the cancellation to go through. If the Emirates ID is lost, the jurisdiction requires a police report to be enclosed with the lost ID document availed along with the required documents. After the expiry of the grace period (30 days from the date of expiry), a penalty will be levied and further documentation need to be submitted if the cancellation is pursued. Moreover, a manager visa cancellation requires that the company applies first for a service request for change of manager before the cancellation of the current manager.

The second case is if the employee is outside the UAE, visa cancellation for outside the country is applicable only in three situations, if the employee completes six months outside the UAE, if the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre visa expires while the employee is outside the country, or If the employee is outside the country for less than six months, but has sent his original passport to the company.

For outside the country cancellation, no documents are required to be submitted at the free zone Client Service Centre counter. Although for outside the country cancellation with original passport, the original passport must be submitted at the Client Service Centre counter and the cancellation would still be processed even if the company license or establishment card are expired.

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