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AJMAN MAINLAND: IBG’s guide into starting your business with Ajman DED

August 11, 2020by admin

Although the smallest among the seven emirates, Ajman proved that it is continuously developing and innovating. At the moment, Ajman ranks third in massive industrial projects, especially in RTW production.

Ajman Mainland companies and benefits

Companies formed within Ajman Mainland enjoy the most developed economy in the Emirate. They are directly registered with the Ajman Department of Economic Development or Ajman DED; an independent local authority mandated to create ways to sustain economic development and fair investment within the Emirate. They enact policies, regulate economic affairs, and guarantee that economic policies and regulations are followed.

Companies may take up the form of a Sole Establishment, Civil Corporate, LLC, Partnership, Limited Partnership, Public and Private Joint Stock Company, and a Local or Foreign Branch.

The authority offers National Industrial License, Trading, Industrial, Professional, E-Commerce, and General Maintenance Licenses.

Ajman Mainland companies enjoy the following features and benefits:

  • Access to the local and international market, and biddings for government projects
  • Strategic location with nearby sea and airports
  • No currency restrictions
  • Budget-friendly set up costs
  • A variety of available business activities
  • Zero-capital requirement
  • Tax-free
  • No visa-limit

Ajman Mainland company setup: How it works?

Before anything else, you would need first to remember the following points:

  • The licensee must be a qualified individual according to existing laws. For mainland companies, 51% of company shares must be from a local partner.
  • The application must be submitted with Ajman DED, the official authority for companies registered in Ajman Mainland.
  • Some businesses may need to seek approval apart from Ajman DED, depending on their chosen activity.
  • Your office facility and place of business must be located in an industrial or commercial location within Ajman.
  • Prepare payment for applicable fees.

Business setup in Ajman starts by preparing first the following documents:

  • Passport copy of each shareholder
  • A contract for leasing or copy of the location title/ownership
  • Schematic drawing of the business location
  • Trade name reservation
  • Information sheet of each shareholder and manager

Process flow:

  • Submit the application form at the Customer Service Center for initial approval.
  • Contact the Inspection Unit to check on your business location if it follows economic terms.
  • If applicable, get the approval of specialized departments in the municipality.
  • Visit the AJCC to receive the approval for your trade name, issuance of your business register, and the membership certificate.
  • For new companies, submit all necessary approvals and receipts from the Ministry of Trade as proof of acceptance in the register of companies.
  • Pay the applicable fee. Submit all necessary applications with the Customer Service Center at your local office to get your receipt. The business setup cost depends on your chosen license.


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