Top 5 Reasons Why IFZA is Ideal for Company Formation

Top 5 Attractive Reasons Why IFZA is Ideal for Company Formation

March 1, 2021by admin

Although it is considered as one of the youngest free trade zones of the Emirates-based in Fujairah, the International Freezone Authority (IFZA) has become a favorite business owner’s choice to set up a company. They stand out for businesses involved in consulting, services, and trading while catering over 100 business activities ranging from information technology and design, logistics, professional services, trading, education, food and beverage, lifestyle and marketing.

Many believe that IFZA is on its way to becoming a leading investment hub for international and business owners; which is one of the reasons why it is paving the way to offer more benefits to verify this ambition. They have set to experience their built-on global quality and international service standards in business operation areas.

For both the local and international business community, here are your top five deciding factors on why you should choose company formation in IFZA Dubai:

1. Save up with their cost-effective business setup

When IFZA positioned themselves in Fujairah, they opened the opportunity to reduce their business setup costs, because Fujairah is relatively less expensive for new business companies than other Emirates.

Business setup in IFZA can start with an Annual License fee for as low as without visa allocation, while the price with visa allocation is starting from AED 15,200. The operating companies in IFZA may also benefit from IBG’s discounted prices that can help them save up more for their investments:

● 100% exemption from corporate and incomes taxes

● Full repatriation of company profits and capital

● No-paid up share capital requirement

2. Choose within their wide and comprehensive range of business activities and license

IFZA does not limit companies on their opportunity to grow in the UAE. They have a wide selection of business activities to offer, including Consultancy, Industrial, Trading, and Service options. Moreover, they allow businesses to have a Holding License perfect in serving companies locally and internationally.

3. Fast and easy company incorporation process

There is no easier way than to set up a company with no physical presence required. Good thing that IFZA allows this kind of setup, which makes it easier for businesses. Other than that, IFZA also offers a more manageable approval scheme from the Authorities, making the company incorporation process fast and convenient.

4. Hassle-free bank account opening

We all know that bank account opening has one of the most complicated requirements. IFZA gets rid of this notion by providing a list of banks where company owners can easily open their bank accounts. Even with IFZA’s benefit of a hassle-free bank account opening, companies must still consider that this process will always be subject to bank compliance approval.

5. Offers Limited Liability Company

If you want a structure with an independent entity whereby your company structure separates the company’s owners and shareholders, then a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is for you. Worry not because IFZA can offer you an LLC structure while ensuring that you have modern, high-tech office solutions ideal for your license and business type.


Without an experienced group of experts or consultants to guide you on your company set up in IFZA, you cannot experience and utilize these advantages. Good thing that IBG Consulting is here to help you achieve the hassle-free and straightforward incorporation process, enabling you to establish your company or business as quickly and efficiently as possible in Dubai.

We are a team of professional individuals from around the globe specializing in administrative services to complex company structuring. We are determined to meet our most demanding client’s expectations while ensuring that we give high-quality and world-class service.

If you want to pursue company formation in IFZA Dubai, consult with us today.

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