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Setting Up Your Ajman Free Zone Company

April 12, 2018by admin

Since its inception in 1988, Ajman Free Zone Authority (AFZ) has established itself as a major player in the Middle Eastern Economy, giving a unique industrial edge in western markets and strengthening several financial avenues within UAE’s diverse business sectors.

In the recent years, the authority forayed into new markets against the traditional source markets to augment Ajman’s business outlook for free zone company formation. Within a couple of years, AFZ has become a vantage point for digital entrepreneurship, complimenting UAE’s services industry and inviting investors into new segments of the zone, serving an impetus for Ajman’s GDP growth. The Middle East, North Africa (Mena), Africa and the Indian Sub-Continent are the biggest markets of free zone company formation in AFZ.

Currently, AFZ is home to thousands of multi-national companies, tourist attractions, and massive real estate projects. With several park developments and a newly-finished $25 million marina project, Ajman’s state of the art airport will set a new benchmark of air transport in the region.

Benefits of Setting Up a Business in Ajman Free Zone

  • 0% corporation and personal tax
  • 100% import and export tax exemption
  • No currency restrictions on foreigners
  • 100% foreign company ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • Competitive prices for power/electricity
  • Flexible Leasing plans for property

Strategic Advantages

  • Just at the entry point of Persian Gulf allowing easy access to Eastern and Western Market
  • In close proximity to Sharjah (2 km) and Dubai (12km)
  • Connected to 2 major airports and 4 major seaports
  • Ajman Free Zone ranks under the most Cost Effective destination for business
  • Ajman businesses benefit from top class infrastructure
  • Abundant with amenities and top tier warehouses and storage units
  • Guaranteed tax relief for businesses up to 40 Years
  • With its new development area, the zone will be able to cater to 9000 more companies
  • One-stop counter for all types of services visa, business setup, tourism etc.
  • 24-hour business setup advantage for free zone investors

Type of License in Ajman Freezone

AFZ offers all kinds of major licenses such as commercial, services, and Industrial. The commercial licenses include general trading, trading, specific trading, two activity trading, three activity trading and even ecommerce license at a very competitive pricing. Businesses Services registration is distributed between two prominent licenses namely IT Consultancy and Marketing Consultancy. Industrial License available in AFZ is comprised of National Industrial License for manufacturing businesses, given 40% of the manufacturing process is catered within the free zone and the organization holds a GCC partner owning 51% company shares.

Distance from Other Emirates



Sharjah 2 km
Dubai 12 km
Umm al-Quwain 21 km
Ras al-Khaimah 70 km
Fujairah 120 km
Abu Dhabi 180 km

Business Activity

As multi-option free zone of robust ROI, AFZ offers numerous business activities such as trading, import, export, manufacturing, financial, consulting, security, media, tourism, hospitality, domestic, recruitment and many other local and international prospects. The vast community of businesses facilitates collaboration of skills and networking, thereby ensuring a competitive atmosphere for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Business Laws and Regulations in Ajman FTZ, UAE

  • Like most free zone authorities, Ajman FTZ restricts businesses from trading within UAE. An LSA must be appointed to access local markets outside of the zone.
  • The size of the office space determines the number of visas a business can have. The smallest office provides 2 visas. A bigger office space must be leased to acquire more than 2 visas.
  • Owner does not have to be a resident of UAE to apply for License and does not require director or resident manager.
  • Minimum share capital is US $50,000, however, it is not necessary to show amount in investor’s bank account.
  • Ajman has focused its efforts on attracting entrepreneurs from e-commerce industry, offering specialized business setup incentives.

Cost of Setting Up a Company Ajman Free zone

One of the most attractive propositions about Ajman Free Zone is cost-effectiveness. Ajman features affordable business setup solutions in the Middle East, welcoming businesses of all kinds and sizes. AFZ caters competitive packages for startups and SMEs looking towards establishing an impactful corporate presence in lower budgets. Ajman free zone license cost starts from AED 11,000 without visa allocation that goes up to AED 32,000 with five visas.

Process of Ajman Free Zone Company Formation

Like any free zone jurisdiction in the UAE, AFZ holds the same incorporation process based on the following steps

Business Activity

The business must select a business activity permitted by the zone authority. AFZ allows diverse business activities for investors, SMEs and Large enterprises.

Legal Form
Determining the legal entity accounts for the company structure the investor plans to implement. This many include three major forms, Free Zone Establishment (FZE) which has one shareholder, Free Zone Company (FZC) which has two or more shareholders, Branch Office as well as Sole Proprietorship.

Trade Name

The investor must register a trade name through AFZ to attain legal status. To protect trade name as their intellectual property and prevent use by any other party, the business must register with the Ministry of Economy in the UAE.

Business License

This involves submitting all the legal documents to register company. The documents include, clear passport copy, passport photographs and recent UAE entry stamp. Additional documents may include bank statement, business plan, MOA, Attested certificates etc.

Office Space

Having a brick and mortar office space is compulsory to obtain Ajman Free Zone business license. Businesses can lease property in flexible payment plans or rent furnished or serviced offices to kick start operations.

How IBG Can Help

IBG consulting is an international business setup agency with over 10 years of experience in erecting all kinds of companies throughout UAE. We focus on delivering premier services for free zone company formation through expert counseling, full featured packages and on-time results. Our consultants are trained to entertain specific business requests for setting up Ajman FZE, FZC, branch office and sole proprietorship according the investor’s preferences. Get in touch with our top consultants now or send us a query.

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