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How to Start a Beauty Salon in Dubai?

November 6, 2018by admin

Centuries of desert-born wisdom and cultural grandeur, the Arabian Peninsula is known for its strong appreciation of beauty and commitment to personal grooming. In recent years, Arabic beauty market has grown into an industrial behemoth, striking out internationally with some of the greatest home-grown brands such as HudaBeauty, Hammamii and Reine Michi. Now an integral part of the global beauty vogue, UAE’s business powerhouse Dubai fosters one of the biggest and the most flowing supply of beauty products and services, making it a quintessential landscape for opening a beautycare establishment.

Among the most prospering ventures, Beauty Salons in Dubai have shown an astonishing ROI, inviting local as well as international investors to tap into the beauty grooming market build a strong brand equity in Dubai. In this blog, we will share 4 key aspects that every investor must consider before starting a beauty salon in Dubai.

  1. Market Analysis

Starting a beauty salon in Dubai is not very different from any other entrepreneurial activity and requires a fair share of market research before the entity is incorporated. There are several essential components an investor must consider such as market solvency, demographics, material cost, and competition. Once the investor has a good idea of the consumer demand, they can proceed by developing a business plan and applying for the licensing procedure.

  1. Location

The location plays a key role in any corporate establishment, allowing the business to conduct operations under its suitable conditions and benefit from incentives allocated only for specific activities. Beauty shops, hair salons and spas all require a set of certain conditions to function at their optimum level. Setting up in good location means the destination must have vehicular accessibility, parking facility, recreational spots and amenities to create psychological appeal towards the Salon.

  1. Recruitment

While Dubai’s labor laws do not require any academic criterion from beauty salon workers, its best to hire resources that are qualified and certified through appropriate courses. This helps the brand to build value on reputation in the market by reflecting professionalism through their workforce, thereby strengthening their clientele and increasing profitability. For specialized designations such as cosmetologist, the owner must hire a highly qualified doctor-cosmetologist in line with Dubai Healthcare Authority’s standards.

  1. Workspace

Here are some of the basic requirements for salon workspace in Dubai

  • Approval from Department of Dubai Municipality for the location of the salon
  • Appropriate signboard placed in front of the salon declaring the brand’s name
  • Lighting, furniture, equipment, and sterilization protocols must meet with Dubai’s healthcare standards
  • Chairs must strictly be not less than 3.0 m x 3.5 m
  • Ceiling to floor height must be more than 2.3 m
  • A separate partitioned area (not less than 2.50 m x 1.50 m) must be allocated for beauty care treatments such as manicure, pedicure, hair waxing, and henna designing etc.
  • Fireproof materials and fire alert security systems installed for safety
  • Water heater must be installed in place
  • Cupboards, drawers, and shelves must be built for cosmetics, instruments and fabrics

How IBG Can Help

Bringing an investment to a foreign country requires the insight of an experienced professional, well-informed of the country’s incorporations laws and economic policies. IBG consulting is UAE’s celebrated business consultancy agency experienced I all forms of company formations, legal forms and trade licenses. We have helped setup numerous beautycare establishments in Dubai and served as corporate liaisons to some of UAE’s biggest fashion moguls. We offer complete corporate solutions for fast, affordable and hassle-free company formation. To learn more about how to setup your beauty salon in Dubai, contact our consultant now or visit our website

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