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Emirates ID Application and Renewal Guide 2022

April 20, 2021by admin

For smoother and easier transactions in the country, the government of UAE mandates all UAE residents to get their own Emirates ID.In this briefer, IBG Consulting will tackle the features, benefits, application, and renewal processes of Emirates ID to give a simple guide or even a refresher course during your next application.

What is an Emirates ID?

As a universal identification for UAE residents, an Emirates ID is an official document given and required to UAE nationals, GCC nationals living within UAE, and expatriate residents issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

What are the features and benefits of an Emirates ID?

An Emirates ID contains an electronic chip packed with the cardholder’s personal data, including biometrics, basic details, fingerprints, as well as their photo in the card. Each will be assigned a unique 15-digit identity number and must be carried at all times.

Aside from having a unified database on vital information for the cardholder as well as protection from identity fraud and counterfeiting, the Emirates ID also serves as an all-in-one card for vital services and government benefits.

As the official resident identity card of people living in the UAE, the Emirates ID will authorize cardholders to avail many everyday services, such as phone and internet connection, bank account opening, payment of electricity and water bills, registering your vehicle, and even for health insurance. It functions as well at the Smart Gates installed in Dubai International Airport to avoid long queues, and may be used to request for a credit report at the Al Etihad Credit Bureau customer service centres. Soon, the Emirates ID will replace your debit card and driving license.

How can I apply for an Emirates ID?

Usually, the application process for an Emirates ID may be included when you avail your UAE residence visa services from your trusted local agent. The process is as follows:

  1. Fill up the eForm by visiting any of the authorized centers or visit the website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). Submit once done and pay the appropriate fee.
  2. Prepare the documents needed:
    • For UAE Nationals, make ready your family book, passports, and accomplished Emirates ID application.
    • For other UAE residents, prepare your passports, GCC ID card (if any), visa or work permit, and the accomplished Emirates ID application.
  3. You will receive an SMS announcing your schedule of visit to the nearest EIDA branch. Along with your requirements, follow the indicated schedule to complete your application.
  4. You will receive an SMS to track your Emirates ID application via the ICA website and schedule of pick-up of the actual card. Visit Emirates Post to get your newly issued Emirates ID.

Does it have an expiration date? How to apply for renewal?

The validity of an Emirates ID differs from each other. For residents or employees sponsored by free zone entities and/or engaged in the public sector, the ID is valid for three years while does engaged and/or employed in the private sector will have two years validity. Meanwhile, UAE and GCC nationals may choose if their ID will be valid for five or ten years.

Cardholders are given 30 days to renew their Emirates ID once expired. Should you fail to renew your ID, you will be fined a penalty of AED 20 per day up to a maximum of AED 1,000.

The ID renewal process in Dubai and all of UAE follows the same steps and fees as the new card application. However, you would need to bring your old ID card during the process.

If you already have a valid residence visa during Emirates ID renewal, you may proceed with our application through the ICA website or typing centre and pay the Emirates renewal fee depending on the years of validity you would want for your ID card – AED 290 for one-year validity, AED 390 for two-year validity, and AED 490 for three-year validity.

Let us assist you in your application.

Emirates ID application is processed along with your visa application. As a premier corporate service provider in Dubai, IBG Consulting has a wealth of experience assisting investors and clients seeking help with their resident visa services including Emirates ID application. We offer smart packages tailor-fit to your best interest.

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