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It has always been common practice to hire an in-house accountant to ensure accountability and keep a close eye on the financial operations of the company. This function is so vital to any business entity from SMEs to MNCs and even non-profit organizations. Everyone needs to know where their money is coming from and where it is going to.

With new startups being created every day, accounting services can be outsourced to a professional firm like IBG for many reasons. For instance, to absorb the exorbitant costs of hiring and maintaining an in-house accountant even when you haven’t started registering sales or becoming profitable.

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Although depending on the size of your company, having an in-house team can be hugely beneficial as well. However, here are a few reasons why outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services are good for your company.

Cost Reduction

Outsourcing lets you enjoy reduced fixed-cost. For example, less worry about full-time employee salary and high cost of maintaining an accounting software. Having fewer in-house accounting personnel also decreases the associated time and costs related to human resources, training, payroll and benefits

Leveraging Professional Expertise

By allowing your accounting services to be supervised and reported by a professional expert, you are sure of accurate and timely reporting of finances handled by experts who maintain this as a primary profession. You are also assured of compliance with regulatory requirements with your financial reporting.

Saving Time

Ultimately, valuable time and resources are saved which can be directed at other important needs of the organization. For example, marketing and sales and staying ahead of the competition just to name a few.

Customized Accounting Packages

Knowing what your billing cycle is with no unwanted surprised in cost changes is a huge advantage of fixed price accounting. Our packages are designed to ensure flexibility and efficiency, working with you on a 1-year contract basis. We also have trial periods of up to 6 months for those who are not sure if outsourcing has long term benefits. Our dedication and quality of service have seen those temporary contracts extend to permanent contracts.

Choose the Right package for your Business or Company

Are you worried if outsourcing is for you? Or Are you wondering what this will entail?

We offer a free consultation during which our consultants understand your business needs in detail. We then work through with you to recommend the best package that meets your business needs with absolutely no obligations. If you can’t find what fits your business, simply contact us and we will schedule a free session with you to discuss how we can customize a package for your business.

Up to 20 Transactions
AED 600 Monthly
AED 15,00 Quarterly
  • Services Offered:
  • Trial Balance
  • Ledgers Banks Reconciliation
  • Balance Sheet + Profit and Loss
  • Tax Vat Filing

Up to 50 Transactions
AED 750 Monthly
AED 18,00 Quarterly
  • Services Offered:
  • Trial Balance
  • Ledgers Banks Reconciliation
  • Balance Sheet + Profit and Loss
  • Tax Vat Filing

Up to 100 Transactions
AED 1,000 Monthly
AED 25,00 Quarterly
  • Services Offered:
  • Trial Balance
  • Ledgers Banks Reconciliation
  • Balance Sheet + Profit and Loss
  • Tax Vat Filing

Our Core Strength – Experience, Team Work & Value for Money

Having advised and assisted hundreds of companies in the UAE we are not only regarded as a professional Corporate Services Provider, but premier outsourced accounting and bookkeeping provider.

  • Our staff are experienced and possess core competence in the profession.
  • You rely on a competent team that doesn’t require any training commitment from you (except briefing on your past processes)
  • Compliant and ethical processes
  • No bottlenecks. Flexibility in resources to ensure we are at your disposal as and when required.

By creating lean processes, we have saved our clients time and resources. Setting up takes less time so that you are up and running.
For very simple processes, we estimate an accounting and bookkeeping process set up within 24 hours. We manage and assist hundreds of companies and that number continues to grow.

All our Packages Include

24/5 Support

We are available during business hours from 9 am to 6 pm through personal, email, or phone support.

Financial Reports

This will include the income statement, balance sheet, bank reconciliation statement, trial balance, profit & loss statement. This includes monthly, quarterly and yearly review.

VAT Services

VAT registration, VAT Computing, VAT advisory

Dedicated Account Manager

Having direct contact with us is important. Therefore, a primary point of contact who ensure your accounting and bookkeeping services are in order will be assigned to you.

Accounting Software

You may use your in-house software or migrate to new accounting software or use our in-house software.

Why should you choose us for your outsourced accounting & bookkeeping services?

We offer flexible pricing and expert advice.

Our team is experienced in the UAE and understands regulatory requirements in the profession.

No hidden charges. Guaranteed fixed prices for the chosen package.

We keep it simple. No jargons you won’t understand.

We provide a dedicated account manager to ensure we are always accessible.

No tie in fees or set-up costs. Only pay the price for the chosen package and we are good to go.

Each Client's need is unique, hence contact us for free consultation & quotation

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