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Business Centre Packages in DWC

*Still an ongoing promotion.

Smart Desk

29,960 AED

(License + Facility + 5 Activities + Visa Eligibility)**

Permanent Desk

37,960 AED

(License + Facility + 5 Activities + Visa Eligibility)**

Smart Office

39,960 AED

(License + Facility + 5 Activities + Visa Eligibility)**

Permanent Office

57,960 AED

(License + Facility + 5 Activities + Visa Eligibility)**

Enquire Now to Know More

  • New license application for aviation, logistics, e-commerce and business park are WAIVED for the first year
  • Get 25% OFF on rental fee for new applications
  • Get flexible payment plans with easy instalment schemes
  • Includes 5 related activities
  • Approvals may take 3 - 7 working days

Terms and Conditions:
  • The Business Center setup fee is a one-time payment.
  • The number of hours used at the Business Center facilities can be carried over to the next week (subject to availability).
  • Visa cost is not included
  • Obtaining a PO Box is mandatory upon the collection of the license.

** You may coordinate with your dedicated consultant for assistance.

Other Offers

  • Get up to 20% reduction on license fees renewals
  • Get up to 25% discount for Business Centre clients renewing between now and October of this year
  • Settle your annual rental fees in 4 installments

  • Penalties on late renewals and cancellations of contract and licenses are WAIVED
  • Deferral requests on Business Park clients are GRANTED ON A CASE-by-CASE basis

Additional Service for Business Centre Clients

Call Handling Service Packages
Dedicated Landline Number Dedicated Call Forwarding Option
• Dedicated landline number assigned to your company
• AED 1, 140 per year or AED 90 per month, to be paid in advance
• Dedicated landline number assigned to your company
• AED 3,000 per year or AED 250 per month, to be paid in advance
• An option where all your calls will be received under your company name and to be forwarded to a mobile number of your choice.

Terms & Conditions:
  • The package is only applicable to Business Centre clients.
  • Activation of the phone number will only be done once you log in to the Telephone device in the Business Centre.
  • Application form must be submitted to be able to avail the package.

Freelance Permit - AED 7,000 only

  • Residents and non-residents are eligible to apply for a freelance permit. Additional charges apply for residence visas.
  • Applicants who are employed may also apply but NOC is required from the employer.
  • Bank details and audited accounts are not required.
  • No lease is required.
  • Access to Dubai South business community.
  • Eligibility to apply for a dependent visa.

Terms & conditions:


Dubai South freezone is an upcoming 145 planned zone located towards the southern end of Dubai and connects Dubai to Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE via Sheikh Zayed Road. This freezone offers a variety of options for business setup ranging from trading, consultancy to advertising and design. It also offers cost effective business licenses with flexi office option available for upto 3 visas, without the need for physical office.

  • 100% Ownership of Business
  • 0% tax in the local market and numerous international double tax treaties
  • The offices you will find in this place are of top quality
  • The Free Zone has many flexible packages
  • It will be one of the main cargo hubs in the world
Types of business allowed

This free-zone is segregated into different zones to cater to different business sectors: Aviation District - This zone is dedicated solely to aviation and aviation related industries including light manufacturing units, R&D and aviation support services. It is also the permanent location of the Dubai Airshow and the Middle East Business Aviation Show Logistics District - This 21km zone caters to supply chain companies, which benefit from the all-round connectivity that Dubai South offers. Dubai South free-zone also includes a Golf District, Commercial District and a Residential district.

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