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IFZA Free Zone Visa Guidelines

July 26, 2020by admin

Run by a group of experts from other significant Free zones of the Emirate, the International Free zone Authority of Fujairah has been building its name since 2018, allowing them to become the leading investment hub for both local and international investors within the vibrant economy of UAE. It prides itself on different and competitive business solutions to different industries, making it ideal for businesses to set up. It is strategically located close to booming markets delivering accessibility for import and export with ease. IFZA has its unique selling point of having the cheapest and most agile Free Zone of incorporation. Its unique objective is to be an environmentally conscious Free Zone Authority while providing a vast selection of facilities. It also attracts business owners to choose IFZA as their top pick of location.

IFZA Free Zone Visa Process

The youngest Free Trade Zone in the Emirate managed and regulated by the government regulatory body of International Free Zone Authority, IFZA Free Zone (IFZA) has cost-effective packages for Investor/Partner visa services. As required by immigration, obtaining a visa is an automatic requirement for your company in IFZA. To further guide you with the process, we have listed a detailed guide to obtain an IFZA Free Zone Visa in the UAE:

Application for Establishment Card

One of your companies, must-have, is the Establishment card issued by the Immigration Authority of Fujairah. It is an essential card that specifies your company’s information, including your company’s name, card number, and expiry date. Obtaining an Establishment Card is an automatic process for you to apply for any resident visas for yourself and your employees. It can be applied with your third-party provider’s help by submitting the application and payments to the Authority, which will only take one (1) working day. And then, the Authority will review your application if it is approved or rejected. If approved, the Establishment card can be issued electronically within five (5) to ten (10) working days. If rejected, a visa application cannot be pursued.

Preparation and Collection of Documents

To continue with the Visa processing application, you and your third-party service provider must complete such documents below. The timeline will depend on when you will fulfill the requirements. The timeline will depend on when you will fulfill the requirements and your third-party service provider can collect the documents depending on your availability.

For Company:

Clear scanned colored copy of Trade License

Clear scanned colored copy of Establishment Card

For Employees:

Clear scanned copy with a full uncut border of Passport

Passport size photo aligned with proper guideline

Clear scanned copy of Tourist Visa (if applicable)

Clear scanned copy of Residence Cancellation (if applicable)

Clear scanned copy of Emirate ID, back and front (if applicable)

MOFA attested degree (if applicable)

Once you submit all the documents mentioned above, your third-party provider will review all the documents and submit them to the Authority with the following required payments:

  • E-channel Registration Fees
  • Visa Application Fees

Visa Processing

The first step for the Visa Processing stage will be the issuance of the E-Visa or Entry Permit and the change of status process. It is the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) who issues the E-Visa, which can be used at entry ports in the UAE even without the original visa before the arrival of the applicant. If you are outside of the UAE once the E-Visa has been issued, you are required to visit the country within 60 days of the issuance. If you are inside the country, your change of status application should be applied right after the issuance to avoid incurring fines on your current visa. After your arrival and your visa status has been changed, you now have to complete the Medical Tests, and Biometric for Emirates ID application within 30 calendar days with your third-party provider’s help. Your medical test result can be released after 48 hours. If all processes have a seamless transaction, then the overall timeline for this stage can only take approximately 19 working days to finish.

Visa Stamping and EID Issuance

The final stage would involve having your visa stamped and the issuance of your Emirates ID. Visa stamping implies that your immigration status has been changed. It is your third-party provider’s responsibility to notify you of the passport collection, but they can collect it on your behalf. Visa Stamping and EID issuance usually take 18 working days processing, but you should complete and submit the following documents to IFZA offices before it can be obtained:

– Original Passport

– Stamped e-visa issued by the immigration

– Stamped medical result

– Passport entry stamp (if outside the country)

– Change of Status (if inside the country)

– Nine (9) passport size photos with white background

– Company’s Trade license

– Company’s Establishment card


How IBG Can Help?

Obtaining a Visa is a nitty-gritty process that requires extensive knowledge of the country of incorporation. Good thing that IBG Consulting is based in UAE and has a group of experienced and qualified professionals to give the best service on visa registration. Being the UAE’s award-winning business solution provider gives IBG Consulting the credibility to manage all of your visa concerns from the employee, investor, property, family, and maid.

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