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Benefits of Dubai Mainland Company Formation

May 19, 2020by admin

Since Dubai is one of the most active and lively markets in the MENA region and around the world, Business setup in Dubai’s mainland is a huge step forward. It gives entrepreneurs, startup companies, and market tycoons wide-open gate access to that forever-burgeoning pool of gains.

Choosing a Dubai mainland company formation at the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) avails significant and strategic advantages and benefits. Especially for those pursuing complete freedom and flexibility conducting business.

The fact that the business would be enlisted with the DED is a benefit on its own, the rest of the benefits include:

  • Trading freedom in Dubai and across the UAE

Conducting business through a Dubai mainland business entity means having no limitations nor restrictions when it comes to trading across Dubai or the UAE. Moreover, it means a worry-free plan from any trade permission overstepping. However, it is still a fundamental condition to have a Dubai national as a sponsor.

Creating a business on the mainland of Dubai means an excellent source of profiting but also is abided by specific conditions, regulations, and rules that need to be fulfilled and nothing is better than seeking professional help from experts to avoid violations, penalties, and wasting time or effort.


  • Room for business and team expansions, you got it!

From the day of launching business move forward towards profiting, that would create a safety net for expansions and growth! Growth is a sign of success and it is one of the advantages of Dubai mainland registration’s high stake possibilities.

Opting for mainland options means the permit to apply for an unlimited number of visas. The number of visas that an entity can apply for increases with the size of the facility. In simple words, the equation is a visa per 100 square feet. The necessity to rent a bigger office space is negotiable most of the time with the Dubai DED, especially if most of the employees are remote workers who require no workspace.

That was for the workforce, as for the actual business expansion, Dubai mainland company formation avails for business owners the possibility to expand the business in the sense of branches. If one of the goals of launching a business is opening branches, then a mainland Dubai DED license is inevitable and irreplaceable.

  • Diversity and Flexibility

Interested in moving forward diversified ventures and various activities then the only and the most profit-oriented choice would be Dubai mainland setup as it provides a wide range of greater scope for the business to develop and evolve. In comparison to free zone entities, the administrative process is more facilitated, with fewer restrictions and more opportunities in the present and even more in the future.

  • Opportunities to deal with the prosperous UAE government and other bodies in the GCC!

One of the extremely attractive features of a mainland registration is the potentiality of opting for tender bids that would let you trade or provide services through governmental contracts!

Government contract work in the UAE is of billions worth annually, if a startup provides services that are required by legal authorities and bodies in the state, not opting for the mainland would be a great loss and waste of great opportunities. It profits the business by giving it greater reputations and status in addition to profits and fame whether on a local level or internationally.

  • Startup has never been better!

Many might be intimidated by the idea of having a partner, or a sponsor or even only the idea of setting up a mainland. However, having a professional expert who is capable of pushing forward through the phases of formation makes the entire process an excellent jumpstart.

Setting up a mainland business in Dubai is the best option for a presence and a share in an ever-growing market. Begin with planning, move forward with a team of experts, then achieve your goals, expand and gain the success you deserve and aim for, but with no pain!

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