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August 30, 2021
UAE Opens Its Borders For Tourists From Around The Globe

The COVID pandemic has caused havoc around the globe. With immense precautions taken, countries closed their borders for foreign residents and travelers alike. However, with COVID vaccinations rolling out, things are looking to return to normal. Within the progress, the UAE government recently announced the opening of its borders for those that have received COVID...

July 12, 2018
Penalties On Expired Business License in Dubai

Among many flourishing economies in the world, very few have achieved what Dubai accomplished in less than 40 years of development. From a local trading community thriving on petroleum products, Dubai transformed its economic outlook from an oil-dependent state to an international business outpost, positioning the rising global demand of company formation sectors towards is...

June 20, 2018
UAE Announces Major Reforms for Trade & Visa

The UAE government recently approved a number of reforms concerning various agendas of UAE immigration, trade and welfare policies. The new reforms will further help in improving the viability of Doing Business in Dubai and will significantly upgrade the welfare of private sector workers while giving incentive to overburdened employers in numerous spheres. The Dubai...