British Virgin Islands ( B.V.I )

British Virgin Islands overseas region is a great solution to many business runners and makes for superb political stability. Even the nation keeps a clean reputation and a low international profile to get publicized and less scrupulous offshore tax shelters.

Why This Jurisdiction

A few facts about B.V.I

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Formation involves very little funding.
Exclusion of income tax, rents, royalties, dividends, etc.
The set-up is also hassle free.
BVI have exclusive legal individuals and is the best legalized offshore entity in and around the region.
Ensures maximum asset protection.
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It is considered that that British Virgin Islands or the BVI is regarded as the primary jurisdiction for off shore inclusion of tax-free companies. This BVI IBC act is regarded by numerous experts as one of the best options.

These BVI business companies comprise of separate legal personalities and also equal powers like a natural entity.

When you talk about a BVI business company, it is excluded from the BVI applicable income tax, and that applied for the dividend, rents, interests, royalties and other types of compensation.

Regarding the shareholders of the BVI business company, they can be individuals from almost any given origin.

You get a maximum asset security including the capability to remove domicile.

The IBC assets will be protected by the directors and for the well-being of the IBC, its members as well as its creditors. It will be mixed or consolidated with other foreign corporation and other companies with using another jurisdiction.

The BVI companies are excluded from all kinds of stamp duty, local taxes and many more. These companies are also very easy to operate, control, maintain and are facilitated by supple business features.

There is a vast range of activities which apply to a British Virgin Island business including investment, financial management, copyrighting, property holding and also licensing. In contrast to the other jurisdictions, no such disclosure requirements are essential, and the same is applicable for the need of any capitalization needs.

The formation of BVI business companies is easy and extremely cost effective.

The set-up is easy and when they are compared to some of the more traditional centers namely Cayman, Bermuda, Switzerland, etc.

Along with that, BVI business companies also provide wonderful and convenient off shore asset safe guarding. Another thing which you can be of benefit is that, on setting up a BVI business, companies have a better political stability.

There are a some experts who have stated that for asset protection and preserving privacy of the finance, the BVI is the best option to cater to.

One key aspect which is on the favorable side is that BVI companies have the option of migrating to another jurisdiction only if that jurisdiction allows for such corporate transfers.

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1Can a free zone company hold its offices outside the free zone?
No, a company registered in Free Zone is not allowed to establish its office outside the designated area.
2Can a free zone company do business or trade outside the free zone?
No, a company registered in the free zone cannot trace or do business in the rest of Dubai or UAE. However they can do business or trade by appointing local brokers or agents. However you are allowed to do business outside UAE.
3Can I obtain financing in Dubai?
There might be several private sources like banks or investment groups with which financing can be sought. But neither the Government of Dubai/UAE nor the Free Zone authority will provide any financing.
4Can I transfer or receive money from outside UAE/Dubai?
Depending on the UAE Laws, you are allowed to receive or transfer money or your capital outside the country.
5How many free zones are there in Dubai?
There are more than 30 Free Zones operating in Dubai. Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai Silicon Oasis are some of them.

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